And so I would like to extend possibility at least for self-education, since other forms of education in our society there is almost no (although something already there) with the help of the Internet and my website, which I would like to share with you lessons learned, and express their views and attitudes towards this area. I'm not talking here about some practical things, technique sex. On this subject enough and so the literature. You can even say that all literature is about that. But here's how to use knowledge of this technique to build sexual harmony – this is when it is said, it is quite vague and subscript. Sexual harmony is created at the level of relations, not technology. Appropriate attitude toward sex may well compensate for the absence of some knowledge about sex. If you have a trusting relationship with your spouse, you do not need to learn the features of male psychology, as the husband himself will tell you what excites him, that he Like, are you happy to go to meet all his desires, just as he was to meet your needs.

But this in real life almost never happens, because we have a society formed by the notion of some kind of right and the wrong sex, the fact that sex can be some distortion. How much can there be trust when it is possible to deviate from the correct line? Therefore, for those wishing to build sexual harmony will require a large work to clean up these Augean stables, created by our society. Although it depends from person to person – what is for him a particular work – heavy duty or interesting and creative task. It was only the second approach can lead to positive results. We also manage to turn even sex in the tedious and unpleasant work.

And while blaming your partner if you do not get satisfaction from this sex. And he, in turn, dumps all on you. And so the first thing to come out of this vicious circle of mutual accusations and claims. And if anyone is to blame, it is our "civilized" society. And it is better not to look extreme, but to start thinking about how to turn their sex life into a source of joy and delight. And it's real!


Furthermore, that the run-up to the relations between the North and the South in biodiversity leaves that view that a predominates here serious lack of responsibility around the development policy. In any case, that’s the impression that causes the so-called green revolution. Another aspect that has given so much to talk about, is concerning intellectual property. Remember, that until well entered the 1970s, hardly had any concept of protection of the intellectual property to any type of natural organism, with the exception of certain crops of new plants. From then on were developed at a surprising rate theory and practice on IPRs for plants and animals genetically manipulated or parts individual of their bundles of chromosomes and their individual genes. So, as the instrument of intellectual property rights entered in the international debate. However, there are still differences in the way as it valued the so-called rights of intellectual property or intellectual property rights related to trade (Trips) in the United States and Europe. But as for the South, the research departments of major agricultural and pharmaceutical consortia of both hemispheres have the same basic interest of defending a monopoly position in the area of biotechnology against what have the abundance of genetic raw material, i.e.

towards countries of the South. It is necessary at the present time, have well defined scope and impact on the issue of the protection of intellectual property. Northern countries, especially the United States have been intensifying political pressure on the countries of the South continuously for many years. Constituted as the organization is known World property intellectual (WIPO) where once again handled the power. There is definitely, than this attentive in the behavior of the biodiversity in the case of the North and the South related to our countries, some of the important economic items that biodiversity provides to humanity are: food: crops, livestock, forestry, fish farming, medicines.

Nature Biotechnology

Apparently, in the future this will be possible. A group of scientists unless so expressed in an article published in the journal Nature Biotechnology, which announced to have developed a simple method to convert a blood group to another. This may help to reduce the shortage of blood for transfusion in various parts of the world. The researchers, led by Dr. Henrik Clausen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, identified enzymes that can produce blood group or from groups A, B and AB. The blood group O can transfusion to patients of any other group.

But this does not happen with groups A, B and AB, which only serve to people with compatible blood, due to the action of antigens. When takes place among incompatible groups transfusion reactions that can result in anemia, kidney failure and even death of the patient are presented. The new method uses bacterial enzymes to eliminate antigens, which can reach to facilitate the manufacture of universal red blood cells, which they would substantially reduce the pressures on the supply of blood in hospitals. Although the research is still in an experimental phase, it provides hope to millions of people who have blood groups for whom it is difficult to get donors.

Chat And TV Live

chat and live, with games and music TV is a new space to spend a pleasant moment, where you can meet people from all over the world, watching live TV, listening to music and more, just a few years back how contact teens – deprived of the possibility of meeting material – era phone. Participate in chats and the Messenger (MSN) serves today give a teenager to keep that constant contact with their peers. With the screen turned on constantly, this contact – that seems at times to take addicting biases – is generally necessary for the construction of the adolescent identity as such. Via chat young is installed in a place of belonging, a space of reference that provides new forms of access to a common adolescent identity. Participate or not of these virtual meetings can be the key living inside or outside of certain juvenile impregnated and bounded by the technological reality. Although we must differentiate MSN Chat, to delve into this subject effects will take the chat as a synonym of online conversation between multiple users using a keyboard and connection to the network.

The substantial difference between one and another environment (chat and MSN) is the level of privacy and accuracy of the information that can be handled in the exchange between users. Technology dating back to 1988, with origin in Finland, chat – phone unlike and other previous communication technologies – communication permitted many to many. This group aspect differentiates it clearly phone – enabling technology of a link only a two. Both the virtual rooms intended for chat (chat in English) and MSN allow synchronous communication between several users, not geographic location still relevant. In the case of the MSN however, contacts that are established are enabled by the user. They are the conversations generated by knowledge of who is on the other side, not by theme, or coincidences of navigation, as happens in the chat. AR music, for visit this new single chat gives click in this link to original author and source of the article.

Appliances Machines

The adequacy of household requires the presence of many items and machines that they permit to have the best living conditions and may provide a solution to any problem or need that arises in the journal live, so items offered better possibilities to meet different tasks in the home, are appliances which, thanks to its various manifestations, can solve any kind of need or obligation to be of within households. Before the great utility of appliances, it is useful to know more about their applications and its big presence in homes around the world. According to the above appliances are a classification of machines that they are located within the realization of the own tasks of home in your daily development; there in your post name used for tasks domestic through a medium that triggers its action which is usually electric power. Which appliances can be allocated between different applications, are tasks such as cooking and prepare different foods, the preservation through refrigeration, this type of tasks located a point of great importance in the home such as kitchens; electrical appliances are also associated to tasks of cleaning what wide field of action of these IV(2A) machines at places like institutions of private and public commercial or industrial destination. A point of great relevance in relation to household appliances, is depending on your application they will have a special inside the appliances group classification, thus can be classified as follows:-the Brown line: different apparatus designed for activities related to the audio and video are located on this group of appliances. This subgroup of appliances is one of the largest presence in the homes since almost all members of households make use of this manifestation of appliances, both in home appliances trade points of the Brown line have the largest participation.

What makes appliances for audio and video activities have much presence is that today’s world is living a boom in the development of advanced technology appliances which suggests the renovation of many machines have more and better applications. These types of appliances show appliances such as televisions, audio players and video as DVD s. -The white line: subgroup of appliances which refers mainly to the constituents of the kitchen, comfort and cleaning of the different spaces of the home. Appliances of white line present a greater variety, so you can find certain machines such as ovens, stoves, washing machines and dryers, refrigerators, fans, toasters, air conditioning. There is another subgroup of qualification of electrical appliances, which has been called small applications of electrical appliances, which include plates, vacuum cleaners, depiladotas, razor, hairdryer, among many other machines manifestations. As you can see the appliances is filed at the home of many ways is to serve large work or simple activities. Original author and source of the article