XM Advertising

Specialists dealer center SofteX (Simferopol), a partner company LLC “Phone Systems” (Moscow) was successfully completed on a remote deployment and configuration of call-center Oktell in the company “XM-advertising” (Khanty-Mansiysk). The company “XM-advertising” is engaged in advertising, commercial information placing in the stands dwelling houses. Advertising and information booths are located on the most prominent locations, giving residents of houses required information and news of municipal bodies and commercial advertising goods and services. Clinton Family may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In the implementation was been integrated call-center Oktell with CRM-system company Terrasoft, the ability to use features (700 features) communication platform Oktell via the CRM-system. When processing of telephone calls, staff of “XM-advertising” are interactive forms that are activated automatically when a call comes into the workplace. Thanks to the conversational forms of advertising company employee from the first moment of communication with the customer sees on the screen of your monitor all the necessary information (contact information, history of previous applications, the dynamics of relationships and more) and can also use a special algorithm for service-minded for a particular client.

Through the use of dialog boxes, greatly increases the speed of information processing and simplifies the process of customer service. Taking advantage of the communication software Oktell platform in a call-center customer were configured IVR-up personal account (Interactive ), allowing customers around the clock advertising company to obtain necessary information without communicating with a live operator. Taking advantage of IVR-technology incoming call is routed to the necessary staff, reducing the load non-core specialists’ XM-advertising. ” Through the introduction of call-center Oktell in “XM-advertising” has accelerated dramatically information exchange, improved quality and speed of customer service. This aspect contributes to an influx of new customers and increase loyalty of existing ones, which is key to successful development company. For more information on the realized implementation of a communication platform Oktell may be obtained from SofteX by phone +38 099 77 44 370 (Bekirov Ekrem, manager of customer service). Averkiyev Anton, manager of PR Ltd “Phone Systems” +7 (495) 921-15-86.

Modern Stained Glass

Stained glass windows and gothic the unanimous opinion of experts the best in the world are the French Gothic stained glass. France remained superb examples of art making stained glass. Cathedrals and churches, let us today to see the unique technique of past masters. Notre Dame, the cathedral of Chartres, Bourges, and others hit its magnificent stained glass windows. Photo. 1 Stained Glass in Notre-Dame. However, the history of creation stained glass is not so clear.

Reaching its zenith during the Renaissance, stained gradually lost their importance in the construction of buildings. And only in the XIX century stained glass windows have regained popularity, gaining aesthetic value for architects and clients. Stained glass and modernity today because of its unmatched beauty and modern technology for manufacturing stained glass windows have become part of the arsenal of Architects. Today, stained glass are made of colorless and colored glass or plastic. Individual parts of stained glass paint today silicate paint, stained glass items are reinforced with aluminum tape. Drawing is pasted on a plastic or a glass base, which is covered by a sheet of transparent material. The whole design of stained glass is placed in a safe glass. Using this technology allows you to create stained glass windows, which not only natural, but artificial light look great.

Photo 2. Stained glass windows in the interior of a modern home. Stained glass windows are now actively used as interior walls and ceilings. Well stained-glass look as ornaments for windows, glass doors, solid planes of the walls. Original use in a variety of lighting systems: the ceiling, domes, vaults. Light passing through stained glass, turns its color and creates a special emotional atmosphere in the interior. Stained glass windows look great as a piece of furniture: doors, decorative facades, etc. Photo 3. Stained glass for the door. If you decide to order the windows for The process of making stained glass at home worked out and includes several steps. Step 1. Prepare sketches of several options, among which the customer chooses the one you like. Step 2. Ready-made color solution, which is approved by the customer. Step 3. Image is digitized on a computer in accordance with the size and production technology of the original. Step 4. Using a special machine on the glass contour, echoing approved drawing. Intervals pour colored polymer varnish. More information about the article you can read on our site: Stained Glass: the thought of antiquity and modern technology.

Outdoor Advertising

Whatever it was, everyone in his life regularly confronted with the manufacture of outdoor advertising. Please visit technology investor if you seek more information. This is occurring at every step of the illuminated signs with lots of additional features (such as illuminating neon), and various kinds of metal (by the way, manufacturing of metal is also included in the scope of companies involved in the production of outdoor advertising) (referring to the rather simple and representing a huge pile of metal, technically well-cooked and soldered together). Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Peter Thiel by clicking through. That, and a variety of pestyaschie prepared by special technology (and, incidentally, on special plants) products foam, combining both the relative stability with respect to weather conditions and the ease and expressiveness, so characteristic of "aerobatics" promotional products created from high-tech materials, which will no doubt be used in outdoor advertising. Perhaps, for a person not versed in outdoor advertising, not knowing the basic principles and laws, it is characterized, it all seems ordinary (albeit attractive). But, in reality, production technology of this product is meant by a cost to acquire highly technical equipment and materials, the content of a solid staff and personnel, able and willing to do all the work presented in this category.

Seminars: The Development Of Media Skills

Advanced levels of perception to open connection to the own mediumship Hamburg, 05.07.2012 – humanity is located in a so far unique intensive development process of awareness, what with their findings prove scientists from various disciplines. So, more and more people develop skills that fall within the scope of telepathy and mediumship. Educate yourself with thoughts from Peter Thiel. The communication is changed in a hitherto unknown way with ourselves and with others. It will find changes in the brain instead, which more and more people are experiencing an advanced level of perception and thus access to the contact for some time with angels and other beings of light. This can happen suddenly or in seminars of the way be opened then. “Mediumship is more a question of the setting, the understanding that as a technology”, so Blandina Gellrich, offers seminars and consulting on the development of consciousness.

The media communications is a clear and very widespread type of communication. With the understanding and a deep relationship with the Communication is clear and safe own mediumship.”Mrs Gellrich continues. “” So performs two weekend seminars on subjects of mediumship in August 2012: mediumship enable “-www.licht-der-seele.net/ seminars/mediumship-enable – and clear perception in the new period see clear and clear knowledge”-www.licht-der-seele.net/ seminars/see clearly and-right know. Remote participation is possible at two seminars. Seeing clearly is a deeper and more level of clairvoyance and precursor to the clear knowledge. In the State of clear knowledge it is able, the things to see how they really are. It concerns the connection to a very high field of consciousness, what makes this possible. Contact: The soul of Blandina Gellrich at the Jacobjstift 2 light 22299 Hamburg 040 5113828

Bathroom Decorating

Before you purchase a plumber for the toilet, it is important to choose a model before the trip to the store. Otherwise you risk getting lost among the huge variety of porcelain and earthenware, vertical and horizontal systems plum, shapes, sizes and colors of the cup product. To begin, carefully read the existing supply in the market. Not all manufacturers of plumbing involved in the sale of toilets, can offer faience that meets international standards of quality and operational safety. We propose to draw your attention to such brands as Laufen (Switzerland), Cezares (Italy), Cersanit (Poland), Roca (Spain), Duravit, Keramag (Germany), Jacob Delafon (France ). Please note that not all of the above mentioned manufacturers belong to LUX. No, just a sound approach, innovative technology and highly qualified professionals able to provide an environmentally friendly product having a certificate of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, hygienic certificates and other certificates of compliance of countries that sell the product. All of this can guarantee a really high-quality and reliable product.

Depending the size of your bathroom, you can opt for the traditional floor model, or buy a toilet suspended type. This toilet will save space and decorate the bathroom. Someone may seem that this model is not stable, but it is absolutely not true! The grid is a toilet designed for weight over 400 kg. Therefore, the choice is obvious hung WC with insufficient space lavatory. For economy of space you can use the system of 'hidden barrel, where all the drainage systems are installed directly into the wall, which carries the flush button. For those who have the tank is part of the interior design ideas, manufacturers offer coupled WC, or a model where the tank can be a separate element of the design. In this case, the choice depends on your taste and design features.

Now it is necessary little to say about the system flush. In order to determine the model of the toilet, you need to take into account the location of the communication in your home. As a rule, older homes are using oblique flushing in new buildings meet horizontal well, and in private houses is more typical vertical. Based on these features, you can make the right choice. Flush directly into the toilet bowl may be a direct, inverse (or circular), the cascade and shower. The latter species differs from previous ones in that water enters the bowl at a certain angle and creates a funnel that allows you to more thoroughly wash the bowl. Cascade and reverse flush using European producers, considering these types of the most silent, reliable and efficient in the use of water. Choosing the toilet, prices may vary depending on manufacturer and material manufacturing. Most are available in price category bowls of Russian producers, the production of Polish stamps Cersanit, Czech sanitary ware Jica. All of these models meet basic quality standards and have a pleasant appearance. Swedish, French, Italian, model toilets are more expensive and have more features for ease of use. So the choice depends on your designer's imagination and budget.


What are "pitfalls"? Stretch ceilings can be divided into two groups of leaf material from which they are made. Distinguish suspended ceilings: – a polyester fabric impregnated with polyurethane. (Slipso) – soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC), (all brands of stretch ceilings) There is no question that all the suspended ceilings have more or less the same advantages over standard ceiling finishes. It is easy to install, no dirt on whitewash and debris, durability (manufacturers give a guarantee of 10 years or more to the canvas), for the duration of ceilings retain their color and integrity, require no maintenance (a few years later tarnished surface simply wipe with a damp cloth to return the original form), vlagostoytokst (if you floods neighbors) will never appear mold, sound absorption and noise reduction; opportunity to create the necessary form and hide any engineering services and technical accuracy of your ceiling and much more. Why do Clipso? (Read more about the benefits) of seamless fabric stretched ceiling Clipso (Switzerland) Today it is the current offer on the market suspended ceilings. Advantages over the ceilings, PVC set, do not think that bad PVC ceiling, just technology is not standing still and is always evolving. Stretch Clipso ceiling mounted without heat gun, as they consist of a knitted polyester fabric weaving complex, covered with polyurethane, which in turn gives the material strength Clipso.

To be punctured or cut to exert a certain force, so that you can safely install a child and are not afraid of flying toys …. Room to 4.8 meters in width is delayed without seams. Special training room for mounting ceiling Clipso not required, a maximum if is better to push the cabinet in the center of the room. Ceiling mount can be at any stage of repair. Establish any number of lamps, chandeliers, ceiling cornices. I think the problems with them should not be at all or what, they do not support combustion, have an international certificate of fire safety M1, eco-friendly, have a hygienic certificate are not afraid of heat and cold 60 and -40, can be mounted in a cottage, balcony, etc., are not afraid of moisture can be mounted in the bath and basins. The choice is yours!

Computer Science

According to Lvy (1993, P. 176), the interface establishes the conditions it human being if to communicate for the ways of computer science, beyond interacting with other users of these technologies by means of a common language. ' ' An interface man/machine assigns to the set of programs and devices substances that a informtico system and its users allow to the communication between humanos' '. 13 the communication established between the machines, its programs and its receiving transmissoras nets/, forms the way that the individual allows, to alar latitudes and longitudes. The technologies, in specific, the ones that if they relate to the operational one of the Internet, open conditions for one ' ' extension presencial' ' , it causes situation where the individual does not lack if to dislocate geographically. However, of a side it displays ideas and thoughts, of another one, condition interpretations and the accomplishment of activities for the interrelation between the connected ones.

Therefore the sides are plural, the actions and interpretations and the connections also are. The individual envolvement offers to the connotation for the real interaction and interconnection. In this interrelation, Lvy (2003, P. 28) denotes the constitution of the collective intelligence that has in ciberespao its support, ' ' an intelligence distributed for all the part, incessantly valued, co-ordinated in real time, that results in a mobilization accomplishes of competncias' ' consubstancia also for: … capacity to change ideas, to share common information and interests, creating communities and stimulating connections. To start, it takes the brain human. We make infinite connections that if intensify to the measure that we age. Now it imagines that we can, thanks to the computer, to integrate this ' constellation of neurnios' with the one of millions of other people. This is the comparison that I make. The Internet today allows in them to create a collective superintelligence, to give to beginning to a great revolution human being.

Russian Layer

The first laminate flooring was made in the mid 80-ies, in Sweden. Today is the youngest floor takes more than 10% of the global market for all genders. In appearance laminate is a fairly Thin sheets of 7-11 mm, length 100-140 and a width of about 20 cm, the edges are equipped with spines and grooves for joining with each other. Now in the Russian market flooring presented a huge range of colors and sizes laminates. On our Here you can find all sizes of laminate from 9 cm to 35 cm in width. Board material is a kind of flaky pie: 1. Upper, protective, layer serves as a special high-strength film of melamine or acrylic resin is the same and defines the class of the laminate – the same 'laminate', which gave name to the whole product. Now it is clear that this is the top layer largely determines the quality and cost of the product.

2. The next layer – Decorative – is a specially treated paper or furniture foils imitating the wood or the texture and color of other materials such as stone, ceramic tile, granite, checkered, etc. 3. Home component of the laminate floor boards – the main supporting layer of a material particle board or fiberboard, speaking in Russian, or hdf. Behind it lies a common hardboard (MDF), only very high density hdf (High Density Fibreboard, with English means 'wood board of high-density'). The Germans had the same name Hoch Dienste Faserplatte.

The main qualities of the material – durability, rigidity and ability to withstand moisture. Incidentally, the closest relative of the hdf is Material mdf – the same dwt, only the middle (Medium Density-or Mitteldienste-) density. 4. Finally, the lower layer of the product, the so-called revolving list – whether or not impregnated with resin paper, whose purpose – protection of fiberboard or particleboard-layer from moisture and stabilization of the geometry of the whole plate. Today the most popular technologies for the production of laminate flooring are: high pressure laminate (HPL-High Pressure Laminate) Direct pressure laminate and (DPL – Direct Pressure Laminate).

Advertising Software

The name Adware, according to their meaning in English, comes from the term Advertising Software. These programs are responsible for distributing advertising to users once installed in the ordenadorEn this sense, an Adware uses different media or formats to send advertising. In this way, through banners, pop-ups, modifications to pages in the browser and some actions, accomplish their mission.While at first glance this does not present major risks for the health of the system or the user, many of these applications are actually harmful. Some of these programs, can steal private information stored on the computer and web browsers. Can what information remove Adware? Security keys of your email, IP and DNS addresses, in more extreme cases, are able to obtain data from your credit card, if you’ve done any manner online purchase. Tips for protection against malware: Run antispyware and antiadware, as well as analyze updates regularly your system. -Enable immunization in antispyware and antiadware software options. -Make sure that the operating system, browser and email software has the latest updates for security holes.

-Have enabled the firewall (firewall) when using Internet. -Use the preventive protection against dangerous web sites. Programs recommended to delete Adware: while the amount of programs anti-spyware that circulate on the internet are many, we highlight two of these that have a constant updating of its database of data, which allows you to protect your computer against new viruses.

Sales Innovative

Participation in the Competition of Russian Innovations is a very interesting and quite colorful event. On the Russian Innovation Competition provided a lot of innovative projects that count and delivers great to work pleasure. Segdnya over Russian Innovations Contest Create a business plan for an innovative project. How many have been counted up to the competition for business projects, but this project seemed quite new and interesting. On the essence of our task was to calculate and create a business plan for a new innovative product. The task was to calculate the financial efficiency of the project, how to calculate cost-effectiveness of the project, how do you know the amount of Sales of new innovative project to avoid mistakes in the calculations. But vseravno contestants coped with this problem and made good.

Were assessed risks, risks that may arise when implementation of the innovative project. Was calculated market, a market that is only growing, it will not count how many cars you can sell at that price. As a contestant, I can say that the Progress Report is a good job. Experts were interviewed, by the way thanks to all experts who responded and helped the participants, because without their help, learn about the feasibility of obtaining fullerenes using plasma chemistry I think is impossible, or possible, but in this case it was necessary to perelapatit tons of literature. Participation in the contest in the finals Russian innovation involves speech, preparing a presentation. Tip future contestants Russian innovation to take Competition experts seriously. That is, that you present a presentation to the layman, not laminates, sitting there really good people, and they really want to hear the facts and the description of the technology with presentation, which does not have the technical information you need to go to the investor, but not on the Russian Innovation Competition. On the Russian Innovation Competition you need to know about your product, a cursory examination does not help matters will be difficult, believe me. Of course the competition has not allowed me to attend all two days of competition, but the idea of the competitors, that is, other participants had a good, but took part, taken seriously. Of the projects that I liked the competition, we can distinguish artificial intelligence, I certainly have nothing to do not understand how it all worked, but the process seemed to me interesting, but what I do not understand anything, then there time vsetoki probably nervous, still it is not just a business presentation, there are many unknown facts, which become clear only after an intelligence that is present at the contest in the previous period, and we do did not, and ultimately oiled presentation, but nothing comes to experience the only way