Russian Well

When the "Cayenne" adorns the courtyard mansion on the ruble, that is correct. If speeding at night on the Ring Road at a speed of 200 km / h, scattering of xenon – too logical. But the pathos, and drive the car doroguschy in an abandoned quarry in Karelian forests Tow … German instructor outlining the benefits of the updated car, my skepticism does not understand and know yourself smiling. Like a doctor on the Porsche test "Tiger" – in the belief that it terrible offspring, nothing in the world can not resist. But I do know the tank T-VI weighed 54 tons and a little bit loose ground, even on wide tracks almost falling down. The Germans have put "Cayenne" in the road and try to tire me assure say, such equipment is more than enough to descend from the high sand hills and to overcome at least steep climbs. Frankly, in a positive outcome of this truly believe Russian adventure with great difficulty.

After all, slide was really cool. If it is winter, so it would fill with water … Oh, seventy meters after the descent to the ass you can easily pass. And with that cliff, but on the "Porsche"! Let the weight it easier "Tiger", but two and a quarter tons of "Cayenne" is accurate. Fears intensified on duty nearby, "Land Cruiser" with a winch and toothed wheel. To bring the "Cayenne" in the alert, a lot of time was needed. Lever on the center console include reduced number of transmissions.

Pull the other three times, and air suspension increases ground clearance with the standard 215 to 271 mm maximum. All about everything takes about thirty seconds, no more. Just specify step-down and blocking inter-axle differential are each "Cayenne", but the "pneumatics" laid only version of the "Turbo" for the other two will have to pay for it 3700 euro. And yet, does not appear in a restyled "Porsche" one free innovations that would crawl on my car from Mount plow nagrebaya locked wheels mountains of sand. But thanks to the "Hill-Control" slipped down quietly, no ispuzhavshis, at speeds below 20 km / h. And on the pedal press brakes did not have to take care of everything electronics itself. Not for nothing instructor from Leipzig smiled.