Painting work properly painted walls look is often much better than the laminated walls, to the same apartment where the wallpaper instead of a painted wall looks more modern. For painting of different surfaces used aqueous formulations of paints and synthetic. For the preparation of certain colors and combinations of colors used by selecting Colerne book. When painting walls requires special tools and materials for painting works: brushes, rollers, spatulas. Brush – the main tool of painting works. Rollers are used for painting details. Spatulas used for puttying surfaces.

The technology of painting works before painting the wall surface is cleaned and shpaklyuyut. Fillers, stacked on a metal pan, spatula strokes separate 2-5 mm thick is applied to the surface and well leveled. Putty should only prooliflennye surface. After drying putty sanded coarse-and fine-grained sandpaper. If you are working brushes, brush held perpendicular to the surface. The paint should be applied in one, a shade in the perpendicular direction.

Paint roller surface follows. Roller dipped in a bath of paint and squeeze it on net, set in a bath at a certain angle. Then begin to color, keeping the roller perpendicular to the surface. Each band, applied by roller, should overlap the previous 30-50 mm. On the consumption of paint by pressure on the roller increases. At the junction of different colors and Kolerov to give the walls a finished form, assign panels. To do this, the place of removal of the panels namelennym discourage cable line. To it puts the line of a facet of the painting and fine brush applied to a thin straight line. See also: other – articles and advice


Rules of operation of plastic windows. To extend the uptime of all the mechanisms of plastic windows Fiberglass manufacturers recommend that the following rules of operation: 1. Twice a year, or, at least annually the service of your plastic windows. It includes: cleaning of parts and mechanisms window fittings of dirt, grease, adjustable locking systems. At least once a year, lubricate the seals is to ensure that they retain their elasticity and provide a good clamping and sealing. Remember that the cost of maintenance on the windows, fittings and seals are much lower than the repair of plastic windows.

2. A simple rule: when you open the window handle must be turned horizontally, Pivoted – strictly vertically. Opening the box with a handle in an intermediate position may cause damage to the locking mechanism control and work on his replacement. 3. Turn the handle is allowed only at closed valve. Trying to turn the force in open state will lead to failure mechanism. 4.

For a sufficiently large width of the leaf (80 inches), it is recommended only opening in the folding position. Remember that the cost of care for windows, adjustment, lubrication parts and mechanisms is much less than the cost of repair or replacement of a hardware box. Repair of plastic windows – this is our specialty and we are ready to offer their expertise and professionalism. 10 reasons to choose us to repair your plastic windows: 1. Of course, our masters behind a solid experience in dealing with windows, since the mid '90s, when the windows with double-glazed were still a novelty for most, they were engaged in assembling, installation, warranty repairs. It allows us to solve almost any problem on the repair of plastic windows with minimal financial cost and as quickly as possible in time. 2. We know and love our work. As you know, if the work is fun – It runs on the 'excellent'. 3. We only work with original, high-quality parts that we order from approved suppliers for years of cooperation. 4. We do not sell boxes. Our specialization – installation and repair plastic windows, and it gives us the ability to qualitatively and lower costs to return your windows original appearance. 5. The task of the activity we see providing maximum comfort and convenience in the home, office, wherever installed plastic windows, using the latest technology and most accurate knowledge about the device physics and windows. 6. Over the years we have accumulated extensive experience in dealing with suppliers and manufacturers of windows, glass and other parts, which allows us to easily and accurately to order any spare parts and make repairs quickly. 7. This also gives us the opportunity to repair any windows, in extreme cases, even using the production facilities window plants. After such a repair you get the window repaired and adjusted to the conditions of production using the latest equipment. 8. We work seven days a week. If you suddenly have difficulty with windows, our expert will try to arrive as quickly as possible and fix the problem on the spot, without any surcharges for urgency. 9. The cost and scope of work are fixed, and they do not change on the ground. 10. Naturally, we give a guarantee all of one year and promptly respond to the challenge.