America Green

He possessed a splint saying for each child who approaches, left-hand side a balloon with a color that represents the color of the continent that pick, as Asia yellow Africa purple America Green below blue Europe Oceania white after a While noting, a boy with dark skin, approached him and asked if he could drop one of black color and if this would also fly?, what the good Lord said. If you left-hand side one black as you ask me and you will see that this can also fly, what makes it fly is what you have inside, not the color that looks on the outside. Wise words, we spent much time assuming that we aren’t equipped for success, it is a question of attitude, with only change it we will be in the position of the balloon, need to fill us for within things that drive us to fly and with this filling us with value to embark on our journey, full of obstacles Yes, but in overcoming them this goal we want to achieve. I like to talk about this analogy as a sample of what we should expect if want to better ourselves and grow in our lives to teach our children. Treat you perform the following experiment with youth to her around.

Suppose that a be extremely rich and powerful put us this work: on the top floor of a 100 storey building there are a million dollars you can take it and enjoy it, spend it, or whatever you want. You only have to climb ladders, rung after rung without skipping any. What would you do? I am sure that it will say well, this journey will take me a few hours, but in the end I will have one million dollars. Friend mine, life is good, the building, only that this does not have last floor and if many more than 100 steps that they have to go one by one, you will find not only a million dollars, you will also find capable knowledge you produce more than that million, and even in the case that you won’t get to be millionaires will have the ability in themselves resolve their difficulties. God put us in this place to be active not passive, we have absolute faith that the guides us to grow, but the work we must do it, and for that have to be filled with knowledge, not wait to give us the solution of our problems. Someday they will be parents and will correspond them to educate their children as we try to do it today we, those who were not yet born already require that I will educate them and fill with love, and above all knowledge that enable them to climb the steps of life. Finally I want to write a sentence that I don’t remember to whom it belongs but I have it in front of my desktop to reread it every day. Only one person decides if it succeeds or not?, how could be otherwise?

Professor Farnsworth

Many herbal remedies are classified according to their content in volatile oils, caracteristica of plants lipped, including Mint. Often, monographs on each remedy include standards chromatographic and other to ensure that the grass has been correctly identified, and, after its harvesting and storage, still containing the necessary ingredients for your good job. Apart from the aforementioned volatile oils, medicinal herbs action depends on the presence of nitrogen compounds (alkaloids), of a wide range of substances with various sugars (glycosides), of astringentes tannins, of resins, of oils, fats, of the carbohidrato s and mucilage, and of residual chemicals necessary for health that supply us plants (for example mezcladas(, zinc from farfara, Tussilago farfara). Thanks to Pharmacology, science that studies the way in which Substances Act on the body, today we know the routes that follow the herbal ingredients from the digestive system to the bloodstream and how can produce healing actions. This knowledge allows us to prescribe the treatment appropriate to each person, and at the same time strengthen your overall health with the combined action of the other constituents of natural grass. Field so broad is the range of constituents of plants and such a huge number of botanical species, which is not surprising to find herbal treatments for virtually all known diseases. Many of these treatments are based on clinical observation or in pharmacological studies of the different constituents of herbs and, sometimes, of the whole of the vegetable preparation, and are used to treat diseases of the digestive system, liver and pancreas, the pulmonary system, heart and circulatory system, and systems, nervous, endocrine, reproductive and urinary; immunity, blood dyscrasias, neoplastic diseases and skin ailments.

There could be more complete therapeutic system. The medical herbalist, a simple reading of the mentioned diseases evidencia that these are too serious to be autodiagnosticadas and automedicadas properly. Not produce a noticeable improvement of symptoms after taking an infusion for, say, headache, it is advisable to visit the medical herbalist, who is qualified, after long years of study, for a correct diagnosis and prescribe an appropriate medication. Prospects currently resurgent interest in herbaria medicine. Millions of people take remedies in Europe, Scandinavia and vegetable) Russia, China, the India, Australasia and some parts of Africa, is giving a significant change of mentality with respect to natural treatments. The examination of several thousands species I; bariah in search of antiviral and antitumor activities, carried out by Professor Farnsworth, and the! search for alkaloids in plants, carried out by the team of Dr. Smolenski, both investigations carried out in the United States, have enabled discover valuable remedies from hitherto unknown plants.

It is estimated that there are 250,000 species of flowering plants, and only a negligible number of them has been examined for therapeutic purposes. In this field of herbal medicine, more progress has been made in the last decade than in all the previous ones. We could say that quite possibly cancer already would have been mastered if the effort put into research therapeutic chemical had been dedicated to the antitumor remedies of vegetal origin. Throughout history there has been a constant change of fashion in medical treatment, but the herbal medicine has a future as safe as its venerable past.