Course Coordinator

Assessment will be at the end of each module, for it is recommended that a partial examination includes all knowledge and skills obtained. Systematic evaluations will be in attendance every meeting and this you can use: The written questions and review of the tasks: pencil and paper problems and reports of the pilot projects. ICTs tools: tutorials like Hot Potato or design programmed Excel spreadsheet for this purpose. IV Development of the activities as regards all types of lessons must exist a number of teachers who are responsible for carrying out successfully the curriculum established for this and these types of teachings is advisable to have the following academic and educational figures 2. 1.

Coordinator of Studies is responsible for overall monitoring of online learning. Is appropriate to make the teacher main discipline. Its basic functions are: Track overall curriculum, ensuring proper operation. Coordinate the interdependence between the subjects that form the curriculum, solving or finding solutions to global problems that may arise. 2.

Course Coordinator: will be responsible for the subject, including its basic functions are: Write or update the study guide. Ensure equality between assessments of different groups. Ensure that teachers carry out ongoing monitoring and personalized student. Coordinate the smooth operation between different groups. Change or modify the schedule of the course (materials, themes, chapters, modules, etc.) When it sees fit. Determine criteria for evaluation of the subject. Monitor and assist in the preparation of the examinations.