The Cluetrain Manifesto

Already in 1999 the authors of the book identified the importance of the Internet both in markets and enterprises themselves. His thesis were already at that time simple but groundbreaking, and four authors, are today still fully in force as it could not be otherwise, they created a web in which cite ninety-five thesis that must be taken into account. The general idea is that what makes different from other media Internet is the possibility to talk person to person, as it was formerly done in markets, and based on this the relationship with customers or between coworkers or bosses and subordinates – also should be totally different. In an ironic and even sarcastic tone occasionally reminds me the also super good morning, laziness, of Corinne Maier – Rick Levine, Christoper Locke, Doc Searls and David Weinberger are shelling their thesis. They try to remove the myths of the mass communication media, producing Internet discussions of human to human, which are those that integrate markets (and not the) segments, niches). They added that the talks should be natural, and is recognized perfectly when they are sincere are no much altruism, as in many forums, for example, not only companies, but individuals, which we do not know, offer us their knowledge and advice free of charge.

They ruthlessly criticize the typical corporate websites, which are too formal and dehumanised, but unconsciously and in some occasions, being aware – prevent customer from reaching contact with certain people in the company to help them and solve them with their problems. Also berate those who seeking to put limits on communications over the Internet and media related, since the both end clients as employees who suffer this limitation will seek other means, with which the company leave worse off. Therefore, they advocate to encourage this type of interaction between business, employees and customers. The authors are saying (and already said ten years ago!) that the potential of Internet is too strong to let it go or to oppose him, is an updated version of classic boca-oido advertising, but with potential exponential through thousands of hyperlinks and millions of conversations that occur on the network. Too much how to do anything. As says guru of marketing, Seth Godin, if you think that you don’t need this book to better understand your market is there will be wrong twice. Original author and source of the article.

Google Places

Also take into account professional like LinkedIn or Xing social networks, as well as the internal social network that the company handles, if applicable. Blogging tools whose most widely used platforms to the date are WordPress and Blogger/Blogspot. As the number one microblogging networks in these moments, Twitter and its related services (long tweets, short urls, pictures, video on demand, streaming video via streaming, among others). In the case of on-demand videos: YouTube, and video streaming transmission: Photo Gallery: Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa; documents or presentations: Scribd and SlideShare. Google tools are also very useful.

The suite of Google Apps (Gmail (with Gtalk), Docs, Calendar, Groups, Sites, Videos); for advertising and marketing Google Adsense and Google Adwords; Geography and geolocation: Google Earth (with Panoramio), Google Maps (with StreetView) and FourSquare; web traffic statistics: Google Analytics; business analysis: Google Places, tracking and web indexing: Google Webmasters; searches, searches in real time, and searching blogs: Google Search, Google RealTime and Google Blogsearch; trends: Google Trends; and other services already mentioned as a Blogger/Blogspot, Picassa, and YouTube. Other tools, such as SocialMention, HowSociable and Addict-o-matic, which allow you to track what consumers/users are saying / talking about a topic, product, person, or service specifically in the different spheres of social media even, some allow you to create alerts. They also Radian6, Lithium Social Media Monitoring and Social Media Marketing Analysis Tools – Smmart, payment platforms, which allow monitoring of digital reputation and similar tasks. The community manager must be aware that social media that are in vogue in these moments don’t necessarily may be later, so, as already mentioned, must be attentive to the trends that allow him or find new spaces social media or find new tools that allow you to monitor them. Some cases of good and bad practice practice makes perfect, recites the saying and this job profile is no exception.

Mexican Country

But the abuses and the disrespects against the Mexican legislation increased medida that immigration becomes a uncontrollable factor for the governomexicano. &#039 was the time of the call; ' Conquest of the Oeste' ' asdificuldades for consolidation of a National State in Mexico, marked porconstantes internal conflicts and dictatorships, United States had still finished creating maisfavorveis conditions for the expansion them. The American colonists initiate a revolt and declaramem 1836 aindependncia of the region, adoptando a constitution based on the constituioamericana. For U.S.A., in its period of expansion the wars of fronteirasarrogavam a defining symbol of the identity and the geographic space of the country. Oobjectivo was to move away to all and any threat the American sovereignty, therefore aquelepovo had a destination to be fulfilled through the divine promise. Exactly the country obtaining the annexation of the Texas, consequentemente, increasing the economic power of the South, the states of the North noaceitavam the expansion of the slavery, increasing with this, the tension and osconflitos between the regions. The South searched the increase of its empire of cotton, through the man power of the slaves and the North, more advanced in termosindustriais, tried the expansion of free lands, worried about the increase to dopoder economic of the sulistas.

2.4. The Abolition Contrasting with the Segregation the conflicts take feio of war with the idea deseparao of the South region against the union, deflagrada for the sulista elite, dandoorigem to the called States Confederates, formed for Carolina of the South, Alabama, Flowery, the Mississippi, Gergia and finally the Texas. The beginning of conflitosmilitares happens in Charleston, in the Carolina of the South, after the invasion of umforte of the troops of the Union for the sulistas confederates in 1861. Estavadeflagrada there the Civil War. The North of the country counted on a very bigger number depessoas apt to participate of the war, beyond having comoaliada industrialization, even so the South counted on great names of the military strategy, but issono was enough.


With a proposal underneath of the arm and 4 million jobs to negotiate, ten associations had passed the last weeks in a peregrination for the Esplanade of the Ministries to convince the government the importance of its claims. ' ' If the tanquinhos and refrigerators had been contemplated, why other sectors (that also they suffer consequences from the crisis) would not be? ' ' , they inquire representatives of the productive sector. Same question made the president of the Union of the Metallurgist of So Paulo and Mogi, Miguel Towers, in the First day of May during the commemorations of the Day of the Work. It said that he asked for to the government the extension of the benefits of the Tax on Produtos Industrializados (IPI) of the white line for the segment of freezers. The president of the Syndical Force, Pablo Pear tree Da Silva, affirmed that also she can demand new extension of the cut of IPI for cars, depending on the sales of the sector.

The periodical the State of So Paulo consulted ten associations of some sectors, as machines and equipment, cold storage rooms, aerial, footwear, infrastructure, textile and confections, eletroeletrnicos, software, consumers of energy and paper and cellulose, responsible for 4 million jobs. In the list of all they, the order most common, beyond the IPI, it is the disinvesting of a charge of PIS, Cofins and leaf of payment. The strategy is to bet high to have edge of maneuver in the negotiations. That is, they ask for the total exemption of tribute for, in the end, to obtain some reduction. The Brazilian Association of the Industry of Machines and Equipment (Abimaq) is in the group of the chores, as it likes to say the Government. With support of syndical central offices, it considered a special regimen of disinvesting of a charge with the commitment of the companies of maintenance of the 240 a thousand jobs.

Evergreen State

This fact can not be hushed up and why. Finishing his penultimate cup of coffee (the latter in Seattle just does not happen), go to a specialty store to buy it a gift basket of Starbucks for her chief. Suppose there was packed branded cup, several varieties of coffee with caffeine and without a couple of packages of tea and biscuits and peanuts, which every true American certainly will order a coffee. Well, now the gift basket that can cheer and cajole the strictest boss in your hands. Enjoying the natural wealth of the State, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that Washington also developed industrial state.

It is well-developed shipbuilding and electronics industry, and in Seattle is still the world's largest aircraft factory, which produces the famous Boeing. For this good reason the biggest of the entire galaxy of museums is the Museum of Seattle Aviation. The old shops of the plant you can trace the development of aviation from the Wright brothers' airplane to the very high speed in the world of a spy plane. Here, as in many other museums around the country, the exhibits can be touched by hands that throws in a completely child thrill even the most adult visitors. The shop at the museum eyes run at the sight of various controlled plane models (buy teenagers!), Handbags with bright airplanes (other gift for little fashionistas!), and even airplanes that hung over the crib kids (perhaps you have young godson?). But the most surprising is the products for adults. Purchase your best friend flight-hours, which decorate the interior of his apartment.

Or select a desktop clock which impel to travel: a thin electronic world map with a narrow top board, which displayed the time anywhere in the world, which he mark to "map". This toy will please any man! And what is to please a woman? Of course, jewelry! The benefit of the "Evergreen State" ever since the Gold Rush, mined gold and semiprecious stones. Earrings and bracelets opals, amethysts and gems will be pleased with your girl. But if you are concerned to hear accusations of triviality of the selected gift, paid tribute to the state of electronic technology and give your favorite Moon. This small moon, with just copied onto the surface of bulk lamp lunar surface and illuminated at night soft "moon" light will belong only to you two. Yes, after such a gift, perhaps, would be difficult to argue with the fact that if everything is in Greece, it is the United States. Anyway, in Washington you had to see so many that would be enough for half of the Greek islands! Underground tourist area in Seattle, greenhouses and a giant aquarium, beach and mountain resorts, a giant open-work tower Space Needle and a crater nearly erupting volcano And yet, you can safely bet that the "Evergreen State" Washington still finds than to surprise you in your next visit.

The Carrier

The use of light frame structures allows for the same site area to get more living space, which affects the economic feasibility of the system; moisture condensed inside the system exterior insulation, evaporates quickly, without causing waterlogging design; Possibility store heat in the building envelope (0 C isotherm is located inside the insulating material); no thermal strains in load-bearing wall. All outdoor temperature swings seen insulation obstacle to the destruction of concrete and corrosion of steel reinforcement in the performance of load-bearing walls made of concrete. For concrete virtually no access to CO2, water and other corrosive substances and gases lack of "efflorescence" on facades; in panel construction solves the problem of protecting interpanel seams greatly increases the sound insulation of external walls; possibility to use both new construction and renovations on buildings. Like every technology or design, the system of "wet" facade has some limitations. First of all – the seasonality of works, because This technology requires a wet processes, which can be only in warm weather (up to +5 C). Facade insulation systems of "wet" type design are classified into two types: – Systems with rigid fixation of a heater on the wall ("sealed" type) – a system with flexible (mobile) fasteners insulation. As a heater in the "wet fronts" are used penopolitisrolnye plate mark 25, corresponding terbovaniyam fire safety set out in the NPB 244-97: have a group of combustibility – T1 according to GOST 30244-94 (flammable material on SNIP 21-01-97), a group of flammability in accordance with GOST 30402-96 B2 (flammable material is moderately to snip 2101-97). Calculation parozaschity walls shall be in accordance with the requirements of SNIP II-3-79 *. Values average ambient air temperatures, by SNiP 23-01-99 "Building climatology." The use of polystyrene foam on the facade of the building as recommended in the case when the cladding (the carrier or self-supporting) piece made of porous materials based on lightweight concrete.

Brazil Research

In the truth, the main decision of the Metalic was not to opt to the production exposes of steel instead of aluminum cans, rank that this can easily be imitated. What it became the Metalic most competitive was strategy for it employee, which will be seen in the next item. Before, however, it is necessary to weave some consideraes on the occured modifications in the market of metallic packings for drinks, since the time of the research of the BNDES (1998), ato year of 2002. 1,3 the competitiveness between steel packings and aluminum in Brazil for drinks after the year of 1998. Before everything, it agrees to detach that the BNDES did not carry through new research to bring up to date the statisticians of the sector of metallic packings since 1998. The data more recent than exist concerning the cited sector meet in ' ' Metalurgia&#039 magazine; ' , whose heading of the article is ' ' Embalagem' ' , from which the main information for the conclusion of this inquiry will be extracted.

In first place, the article calls attention for the fact of that the steel started to after recoup the lost market one decade of constant losses for other materials of packing, as aluminum and the PET, through an aggressive one OPENS. It remembers, still, that the steel and the glass had disputed until the decade of 80, the leadership of the market of packings and today alone it controls five percent of this market (restricted to the North and Northeast of the Country), had to the sprouting of new substitutes as aluminum and the PET (polyethylene tereftalato). It says, also, that the technological improvements gotten by the CSN had provided new reductions of 20% in the thickness of the leaf of flandres, reintroducing, in the market, light, practical and more competitive packings in relation to aluminum.