Beauty Contest

What today everything pay attention to succeed many, it is becoming increasingly important to look good in this day and age, it is no matter whether in fashion magazines, TV shows and the latest blockbusters. Almost everywhere, good-looking people are shown. Who has an appealing appearance, used more often in connection with success, as someone has a rough appearance and who can connect these two properties, probably has a wonderful life ahead of her. The good looking people only of flesh and blood, of course it should be clear to everyone. It is obvious, that if the appearance is concerned, is usually also a little help and tricked. These days, companies have developed long a myriad of different cosmetic products to guarantee the necessary beauty. So you can for example circles or pimples easily to have make-up, or even if you want to look good on photos, retouch using photo editing software. A whole Economic activity is dependent on the numerous beauty ideal in our society.

In the process, that your appearance is important to many people, the cosmetic industry can be booked steadily rising profits. There is everything you can imagine of the skin care products, pretty much about skin care products for the hair of Antipickelcrem up to hair care shampoo against alopecia. At the time it is dark circles – not a good sign in the profession for the career of great importance to be able to make a good impression on the owner of the company. As it arrives at the job interview, especially on the first impression, it is of course very essential so positively as only kind conceivable to present themselves. Of course include an attractive appearance. Of course, dark circles are another typical error for a rough appearance. These indicate a night carousing by out or at least a little exemplary lifestyle.

So what do about dark circles? Luckily you can dark circles very easily with different Back rub means. Therefore, it is important always to his appearance to make sure. Due to the afore-mentioned circumstances you should of course always make sure to be well maintained and to have an appropriate appearance. That it here are naturally diverse opinions, lies in the nature of the matter, but it is mostly well advised with a classic Office outfit. Freaky fashion wear better in a private environment. This ensures that one stands out in the world of work through a bad appearance and goes to play it safe. Certainly the well-maintained appearance in the job is only a feature of many which one could allow a good career. What is most important for a successful working life is clearly the necessary suitability for the job. But a rough appearance can build quickly career opportunities one even though it has the necessary skill. Therefore, it is important to combine both, so skills and appearance. Jan kowak

BIOTechnikum World

At the Alumni Congress of Germany in Cologne, fascinating the BMBF initiative “BIOTechnikum” inside the world of biotechnology and their career opportunities as it further opened after graduating? A job in the field of biotechnology would be right for me? What career opportunities does the industry? Answers to these and many other questions received in particular students and graduates from Wednesday to Thursday, 27 to 28 November, at the this year’s graduate Congress in Germany in Cologne. Over 300 companies of different sizes and industries here provide information about the career, insider knowledge and application tips. Current issues of business and science are connected always at the future Congress with Germany’s largest job fair career planning and career prospects. This year the standing in the center leading innovation theme ideas for the world of tomorrow”. “For this purpose also the initiative BIOTechnikum is apt: experience research health, nutrition, environment” of the Federal Ministry of education and research (BMBF) with a very special exhibition stand “on the spot: Hall 8 of the exhibition Cologne (Deutz Mulheimer str./Messeplatz) opened in exciting two-storey mobile experience world BIOTechnikum inside the research and application of biotechnology, their opportunities and prospects and their importance for our everyday life today and in the future. Visitors can explore the biotech-truck on Wednesday from 09.00 until 18:00 and on Thursday between 09.00 and 17.00 on your own and interact with the accompanying scientists.

On the first floor of the mobile experience world, the two diploma biologists inform also at career – short lectures (on both days from 10: 00 every hour) on the many training, studies and career prospects in the industry. On Thursday at 10:00, the Cologne Bundestag parliamentarian Gisela Manderla will visit the BIOTechnikum to convince yourself personally of the practical relevance of the campaign. As a professional opportunity, biology or chemistry each are cross-cutting technology a Term but what professional opportunities these Sciences and adjacent areas after graduating is often little known.


The Cytonet group is active in the field of medical biotechnology Mannheim, March 24, 2010. The Cytonet group is active in the field of medical biotechnology and new customer of the Mannheim agency magnolia. The agency designed a new claim for Cytonet first, developed a brochure and a presentation. Cytonet in the cell therapy is already the largest companies of in Germany. The company develops, produces and markets new, cell-based medical products.

Cytonet partners are internationally leading university hospitals. Whose research is transmitted in their own procedural approaches and promising technologies to develop pioneering products. The Mannheim full service agency could convince through their work and as a new customer win Cytonet. In addition to daily work, the Agency was charged with the conception of a new claims which makes clear the positioning on the market and the positioning within the industry. As more projects get Development of a brochure as well as a fair map. Cytonet to increasingly as a first mover\”in the medically focused biotechnology cell research are perceived. The Cytonet is group as spin-off of the cell therapy Division of the Roche Diagnostics company founded and established himself as Germany’s leader in cell therapy with headquarters in Weinheim. Production sites are located in Heidelberg, Hanover and Durham (NC, United States).

Dietmar Hopp, co-founder of SAP, invested in Cytonet. Today are Dietmar Hopp and his family’s majority shareholder. About Cytonet: The Cytonet group is active in the field of medical biotechnology. Cytonet in the cell therapy is already the largest companies of in Germany. The company develops, produces and markets new, cell-based medical products. Cytonet partners are internationally leading university hospitals. Their research will be transmitted in their own procedural approaches and promising technologies to this groundbreaking Products to develop. The company is focused on developments that offer new therapies for life-threatening liver disease. Currently, a clinical study investigates the effect of Leberzelltherapie with congenital metabolic disorders of the urea cycle in newborns.


The objective of this work was to study different dosages of the Biotech applied in the ground and its effect in the growth of the lettuce crespa. 4. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REVISION As FILGUEIRA (2007) and also published in the site (10/09/2009, to the 12:00 hours), sativa the Lactuca lettuce, belongs to the order of the Magnoliopsidas, the Asteraceae family and originated from wild species, still currently found in regions of climate tempered in the south of the Europe and Asia occidental person. One is about a plant annual, herbaceous, delicate, with caule miniature, which if arrests leves. Its leves had been modified and increased gradually through the centuries, constituting today the hortalia most popular for consumption as salada.

Also it constitutes an excellent vitamin source, possessing appreciable amount of the vitamins B1 and B2, and still, certain portion of vitamin C, beyond the elements calcium and iron. For the raw fact of being consumed, the plant conserves all its nutritional properties and of pleasant palate, she is advised in the diets of low calories, had to its small energy value. The Asteraceae species extract of the ground and export in its marketable parts bigger amounts of nutrients for hectare, in relation to the other cultures. This occurs in reason of its peculiar requirements e, mainly, of its bigger capacity of production. It does not have practical utility with respect to determination of the fertilization, in consideration the amount of extracted nutrients of the ground or those exported by the cultures. It occurs that the amounts vary very widely, influenced for a series of factors: to cultivate, ground, climate, cycle of the culture, water availability, among others. (FILGUEIRA, 2007). The hortalias, in general, need certain elements that are called constituent essentials (carbon, oxygen and hydrogen), of others known as macronutrient and the micronutrients. The essential elements the plant removes of air and of the water, the too much elements are removed of the ground.

Virtual Library

The Virtual Library of public domain is a project that aims to digitize as much of works in Spanish language. Seeks to digitize books in formats pdf and azw, to be viewed in a text editor or in electronic readers such as Kindle. The public domain consists of all documents that have more than 70 years since the death of its author, so that they pass to the cultural heritage of humanity. The aim is to allow people to develop your mind through reading books, and to spread the knowledge to the population. We invite you to register, after which will receive the document secrets to develop mind with reading and obtain wisdom that is becoming a bestseller by the number of downloads made without cost. Reading for beginners and advanced techniques are revealed in this report. Also adds a test that can be used to measure the potential of the cerebral hemispheres. Finally suggested exercises of neurolinguistic programming to carry the mind the alpha state to acquire wisdom. It is a pleasure to participate in this information with all of you. If you have comments or sugerncias write to our mail or contactennos on the indicated link. Source: original author and source of the article

Construction Of Frame Houses

The technology frame construction in contrast to the log house in which the load-bearing elements are the walls. In frame buildings, performs this function of the entire island or laminated wood. Inside and outside the frame sheathed with sheet or molded material, and the inside is filled with insulation. There are several options for rack mounting: the starting point may be a floor on which the vertical elements are installed or post-and-beam system, which rests on the foundation. Most often used a framework consisting of upper and lower studs of the walls, pillars and beams, strut stiffness, as well as supporting elements – columns and intermediate beams, between which the door and window frames. On a foundation or base, on top of the waterproofing layer is placed and secured with steel anchors of the lower rail, made of carefully dried and antiseptized softwood timbers. Fixed-bearing and corner posts.

Cross section of the last to be not less than 5 sq. cm, the length is determined by the height of a floor, and width – thickness of insulation. On risers fit cantrail. After installing the frame sheathe, insulation and vapor barrier is mounted. The layers are placed in the following order: inner sheathing, vapor barrier, insulation, windproof layer and outer skin. Each element of the pie performs a specific function, so the lack of or poor quality, even laying one layer affects the quality of the whole structure. The inner lining of the walls serves as the basis for the finish.

It can run of boards every section and profile, drywall, DSP, magnesium and other sheet materials, approved by the sanitary standards for residential premises. In the “wet zone” (bathrooms, bathrooms, kitchens) for the inner cladding moisture-resistant materials are used. Vapor barrier protects the thermal insulator from the effects of water vapor coming from the premises. This option is very important, because insulation when wet, its thermal insulation properties greatly reduced. As a vapor barrier uses a special membrane film that is installed between the insulation and inner lining of premises. For the insulation layer is windproof, protects wall of blowing, and siding. First frame is sheathed with weatherproof materials (DSP, GreenBoard), then they stuffed the membrane film and kontrbrus, and then attached the external cladding (siding, imitation timber). The outer coating has several functions, in addition to the aesthetic, providing rigidity and protection of the building structural elements of weather. The air gap provides ventilation throughout the structure, protects wood from moisture and heat insulation. Even a brief account of the principles of construction of a frame house reveals a number of advantages of such houses. First of all, the most economical construction: Wood spent less than for the construction of the log or square log houses. Light weight and stability of a frame house allows you to use lighter foundation. frame houses. Another plus of these structures – open plan interiors. The modern frame house – high-tech product. He comes to the consumer in the form of the box, which includes elements of the walls and floors, roof construction, windows, doors, insulation, fixing materials, membrane film, etc. To build a frame house takes 2-3 months, then you are ready for interior decoration.

Designer Tali AMOO

Exclusive bridal gowns and bridal Dirndl Tali AMOO TaliBoelt designer dresses boast Couture Couture & jewellery the current exclusive collections of TaliBoelt a high-quality workmanship and silk, silk organza, silk chiffon, taffeta, tulle and Italian lace combined with one for the figure of the woman optimized cutting the use of rich high-quality fabrics such as Duchess they stand for highest wearing comfort. TaliBoelt manufactured on request unique dresses every wedding is the unforgettable staging. Different finishing options offer a matching personality individualization. Bridal Couture wedding day is one of the most important and most beautiful days for women for the special day. The bride and her wedding dress are in the focus of interest. The elegant wedding dresses from TaliBoelt emphasize the femininity and the personality of wearers, allow a comfortable wearing and are outfitted with their high-quality workmanship. Exclusive finishes, also individually designed can be, give the Bride dresses an individual appearance. Jewelry and accessories from TaliBoelt jewellery collection for the bride, the wedding dresses to a harmonious overall picture supplement.

Elegant wedding Dirndl TaliBoelt Couture & jewellery the exclusive Dirndl TaliBoelt are designed with attention to detail in his own Studio and produced in the own TaliBoelt manufacture according to highest quality standards. Only the best materials and substances are used. The dirndl are also available on request as a unique, individually designed and tailored. The TaliBoelt 2014 Dirndl collection includes luxury Dirndl and wedding Dirndl for women and children Dirndl for the little ladies. The bride Dirndl for women emphasize the femininity of the wearer apart and luxury. The elegant appearance and the tastefully combined colors the TaliBoelt Dirndl can they stand out from the crowd with an own individuality.


Philosophy the Philosophy remains as the redoubt of the resistance to the tyranny of the men, to the voluntary servitude, the superstition, the ignorance, the hypocrisy and the conformismo. Philosophical Saber it can find many objective applications under the prism of a practical and functional culture, resigning to ‘ ‘ status’ ‘ of a pure and abstract intelectualismo, therefore; liabilities! The Philosophy can be a valuable instrument of cultural progress for the society, promoting the ethical behavior, raising the dignity human being, the search of justice and the wakening of a new order politics, economic and social. Also, for the personal growth of each individual, stimulating the development of the inquiry capacity, analysis and reflection. The philosophers are confined in its intellectual hermetismo, other people’s to the events of its time, absorbed in its Metaphysical, distant meditations of the facts of the daily one She is necessary to engage itself in the politicosocial context and the emergenciais demands of the society in its particularitities and its innumerable unfoldings. To resign to the contemplation and to mobilize an pro-active behavior, occupying legitimate spaces of expression and representation, potencializando vocations, analyzing scenes of all order, making possible new forms of performance, emphasizing a conceptual opening, searching ample perspectives and new models of being, existing and to make. The social production of the existence and the trashing of the humanity, the production of subjectivity and the capitalsticas technologies of culpabilizao, serialisation and infantilizao. Subjective mutations and the creation of new existenciais territories. The ciberntico space while a collective equipment of subjetivao, intelligence, sensitivity and socialization.

The active and reactive forces and the will of power. The archaeology of knowing, the genealogy of the power. The educator-mediator and the object of the knowledge. The ends, the causes and the ways, and the modern citizen.