Upon completion of all preparatory works (leveling walls, putty, wallpaper pasting, etc.) can begin to paint the walls. Surface quality requirements for color putty walls (without wall for painting) is the same as staining the ceiling (even, smooth, no scratches, surface). It should be remembered that the matte latex paint requires less surface quality than the glossy. When painting walls putty (no wallpaper under painting) should be applied three coats of paint, and the first layer is the ground. As a primer you can use latex paint, which is expected to paint the walls of the main, though most preferably use recommended by the manufacturer of the paint primer. When painting the walls with wallpaper with only two coats of paint (primer is eliminated).

Step 2. Work gloves Gloves. Pour latex paint into a clean bucket (recommended to use a 16-liter plastic buckets firms 'Terraco' with a lid). Adding water, electric mixer with paddle drill "mixer" to bring to the consistency of 'milk'. Attention! If you run a thick paint that dries show more intense staining of bands the joints. White latex paint, for example POWERTEX can be tinted to the desired color using the color scheme, such as Kohler 'Mixol'.

If you are working with Kohler (liquid or powder) should be pre-diluted with water-based paint in a shallow dish, such as a glass ( 100 ml). Gradually add the mixture to the main paint (mixing with a mixer) to achieve the desired intensity. Approximate consumption latex paint for walls (the room with the ceiling area of 16 m ) is equal to 6 or 7 liters. Wait until the foam settles. For painting the walls need to roll with fur fur platen (a roller to coat Nozzle 'PAINTER'S CHOICE' of a light green material for all dull colors. Polypropylene double base resistant to water, solvents and will not crack. For the average surface roughness. Width 22.5 cm, has the effect of 'orange peel', height 16-18 mm nap), brush brush. Soaking water-based paint roller to perform with the bath-bath paint, with paint in a bucket, pour in before the tub, mix with a mixer. Before you start painting the walls should be saturate coat latex paint roller, that is, roll it in a clean, flat surface, such as the back of the unnecessary wallpaper, laid out on the floor (rather 1-1.5 m ). When painting walls putty (no wallpaper under paint) to control the uniformity of staining of the surface (the thickness and texture, blending colors) need more light. In this case, use a cartridge with electric light bulbs with Chuck (Energy-saving lamp of white light at 15 watts, it is recommended to use the shade). Unlike incandescent lamps, more secure and virtually no heat the cartridge. Further highlighting the work surface when painting walls with wallpaper backlight bulbs do not need.


The development of a new technique of assisted reproduction by the Instituto Bernabeu and the University of Alicante (UA) makes it possible to predict the subsequent success of in vitro fertilization. This method, which allows the previous selection of the best embryos, has been awarded by the Spanish society of fertility (SEF). The instituto bernabeu specialists explain that this new technique that reveals the success of in Vitro Fertilization has been possible thanks to the determination of the metabolism of embryos. So far, it was only possible to assess the quality of the embryos. Now, the new method eliminates the need to implant several embryos in such a way that it reduces the multiple gestations. Dr.

Rafael Bernabeu has pointed out that this investigation has taken them long but that it has been possible thanks to the collaboration between biologists and embryologists of the Institute itself and the Group Biotech next to the University of Alicante with the invaluable contribution of Professor Egea Marhuenda fruits. Experts have highlighted that with this novel method What produces and receives each embryo of its culture medium, may know something that allows them to select embryos with greater capacity for implementation. According to Dr. Bernabeu, embryos reflect some specific patterns of behavior that marked their greater or lesser effectiveness. In this way, the embryo that behaves so close to such excellence will be chosen beforehand. In addition, specialist has indicated that this new procedure allows them to select which embryos are worth freezing or transfer and prevents, at the same time, having to transfer several embryos to ensure the result. This research has received the first prize of the SEF and has been published by the well-known scientific journal Fertility and Sterility. Close author: Complete articles by a team of Invitro tv, by instituto Bernabeu free and ideas please visit:, a comprehensive resource for a pregnant women. Matias Perez, chosen to continue with the pumitas Union of Rugby of the Alto Valle de Rio Negro and Neuquen Endoscopic loops for laparoscopic myomectomy Fertility and Sterility eLetters to the Editor make Usb memory with password SinDominios.com PANIKO.

The Futurists

Yes, the dislocador dream of a full identification of motor and men Marinetti leans. That will be the new health, announced by the own Nietzsche and now converted into a space reduced and circumscribed, given that foreign aborts. If the man is now space to conquer we must take into account metaphysics reappears in the most unexpected way, since this postevolucionista man intervened by objects of the biotech will become, literally, a metaphysical man. Futurism was associated speed to auto. With the train and all that moved by motor.

The speed is now in electromagnetic waves. Within little Internet will come by way of electricity, not the phone. Well we can say that the speed of light is the new limit, one that we froze. There is no subjective interpretation or dissociation from objective appearances. We no longer know well that it is reality. The unit of perception of man and his relationship with what is real, is broken if it is that something we can keep calling as well. The human eye has been superseded by the synthetic image. In times of Marinetti speed amounted to decrease in time, to a savings between arrival and departure.

Now we just arrived and it is not necessary to begin with. Speed has become absolute immobility. Virilio reminds us to tell us of the initially moving man, then car and finally motil, i.e., one that has limited their movements and in whose houses soon won’t exist Windows, Windows as in Shakespeare and Pessoa in his sonnets, more only screens and cables that occupy the ancient sites of them. Already not can be said to be mean here. The transmission goes directly to making this planet one without space and distance. We need not move us, the violent air removed by machine that has failed to move the futurists has been replaced by the paradox that all It happens in this place anywhere where we nailed or fixed receivers electromagnetic waves.

Upland House

In addition, Broken fence triggers off the wind and after its sharp decline. Since the vortices are formed which destroy the soil and greenery. Defining style fencing. Experts advise to choose a fence that will match the style of construction, which actually will ogorazhivat.Esli you are the owner of a small one-story house, then it will be enough wood fence or a fence from the grid. The main purpose of the fence in this case is simply fencing the area from accidental intrusion.

If you are the owner of a large family house, then your options are: a fence of corrugated, welded metal fence, wrought-iron fence. If the house is brick, it is best to fence and was a brick. But at the same time it can be combined, combine elements of different types of fence. For example, if you make the columns of bricks, and the spans of wrought iron gratings or corrugated. Durability.

You must determine how long you expect to use the fence. Keep in mind that no matter how careful you are not treated with a fence made of wood, over time, it still would have to handle or change. Options of other materials are preferred, if you're aiming for longevity of the fence. The height of the fence. If you have decided on the type of fence, you should think about his height. If you have a fence from the grid, you need not do it very high, because it will not be pretty. If you want to use a solid fence to escape the gaze of strangers, it should be the determination of its height and also take into account the position of the plot. If you are on Upland, the angle of the smaller, and can not do a very high fence. If you're in a valley, you will need an increase in height.