Excellent Product

To the aid of a variety of special materials with multi-component structure and properties of the narrowly specific application, the production is carried out specialized enterprises. With the advent of product Remmers SD 1 begins a new era of opportunities for application, resistance to stress and technological characteristics. SD 1 product is applied as a standard mineral The sealing system, ie can be applied as a slurry and coating on the walls and floors of buildings. In this case, depending on the load, you can create layers of different thickness, it is also possible to apply multi-layered. After a short time after the seizure, reliable protection is achieved and the absolute sealing of the building element. Blast furnaces Sewer Collectors Mining Agriculture chimneys Biogas Plants Sewage Treatment Plants Waterproofing slurry Remmers SD 1 1-component product is mixed only with water, the highest level of adhesion to the substrate, including the glazed surfaces, exceptional resistance to acids, alkalis and solvents, in accordance with DIN EN 12 808, an extremely high resistance to mechanical stress, resistance to stress, created during the cleaning process under high pressure, up to 120 bar at 150 C heat resistance up to + 500 C completely inorganic product does not require mandatory labeling, can withstand water pressure to 5 bar. The highest level of adhesion to smooth relying solely on chemical stability in comparison with other products Excellent mechanical stability of the resistance to heat up to +500 C 1.

Priming product Remmers Kiesol elements that prevent the adhesion must be removed, for example, by sandblasting or by using the Rotec sanding machine. Remmers Kiesol primer in a 1:1 ratio with water is applied evenly to the surface. 2. Mixing Remmers SD 1 Product Remmers SD 1 is poured into 600-650 ml of pure water and stirred with a stirrer for 60 seconds. The product “mature” for about 4 minutes, after which again stirred for about 60 seconds.

3. Shpatlevanie “on cider Remmers SD 1 for packing (sealing), then the ground surface, while the reaction product Remmers Kiesol, top Shpatlevanie “in cider” is applied Remmers SD 1. 4. 1st slime layer Remmers SD 1 As Shpatlevanie alternative “to the cider” (see step 3), the first layer of sludge Remmers SD can be applied to a wide brush (in the reaction Remmers Kiesol). 5. 2nd layer of sludge Remmers SD Apply a second layer of sludge can be carried out over the first layer of slurry (see Step 4) by “fresh on fresh).

Rent A Villa In Montenegro And Croatia: What To Choose

This question is often excites everyone who intends to rent a villa or a home near the Adriatic Sea, and until that time had never been in Croatia or Montenegro. Initially, the two former republics of Yugoslavia look similar to each other. With all visible advantages, according to which they prefer. Both countries for Russian citizens are free to entry. Both compared to the nearby Italian pretty cheap.

Both environmentally friendly, with beautiful views, a museum city. Here and there one can understand the language But for all the similarities, Montenegro and Croatia, of course, extremely different. What you need to take into consideration when renting villas and apartments in Croatia and Montenegro: Features of the villas in Croatia and Montenegro, by type of settlement, Croatia and Montenegro are not much different from each other. That one that has a different weight for hotels in the socialist era, which is why live there is better in private villas and apartments, which the group would cost cheaper than the hotel room. By the way, a 'villa' there is meant not ososoblenny house and small hotel. In Croatia, for example, is very common kind of rent, when visitors and the owner live in one house, with all independent of each other.

Villas in Montenegro and Croatia are equipped with good double beds, split-system. Villas with pools are not so a lot. How much is the rent a villa in Montenegro and that in all respects, Croatia more expensive country than its neighbor, Montenegro, the cost of renting apartments is generally not available.

Modern Cargo Slings

One of the most important elements of lifting equipment – lines are always evaluated on the strength and reliability. Modern high-quality lines and makes them even easier to use and allow to solve any problems that associated with lifting and securing of cargo, its movement and storage. Technology, which today are made rope slings for most companies in Russia, based on the designs of German and Swedish designers. Imported steel ropes, slings are made of which provide increased durability and increased reliability of lines, their usability and compliance with the requirements of modern design. At the expense of absence from the sling once the usual cable lubricant improved sanitary characteristics.

Modern high-performance method of manufacturing wire rope sling ensures a high quality seal, making less time-consuming process, which eliminates injury while working with a sling – because of it no longer sticking out the ends of the wire, as it was before. In addition, used in the manufacture of galvanized ropes is considerably reduced fire risk and the likelihood of injury. The main advantage possessed by the chain lines in comparison with the rope, is their flexibility – an additional degree of freedom, allowing them to use in all slinging ways. This type of lanyard is safer to work – after all, under heavy load circuit does not break as soon as it occurs in the cable lines, and deformed. The changes can be seen during the inspection and the time to withdraw damaged lines out of service. The durability of chain sling is higher than that of cable, plus they can be repaired – replaced deformed elements. A unique feature of the chain sling is the possibility of their use at temperatures up to 400? C and even in an open fire and the exploitation of lifting and moving loads that have sharp edges. The most modern form of textile slings slings are – made from synthetic materials, they operated increasingly in all types of work on the movement of a variety of goods.

The unique properties of textile slings – lightness, flexibility, resistance to aggressive environments. In the production of this type of sling used high-quality polyester fibers, providing strength and high resistance to abrasion. Textile slings guarantee the protection of transported cargo from damage – because they are flexible. All types of lifting devices is in full process control for quality, in accordance with international and Russian standards.