Accept Credit Cards

Over the past few years, online payments for goods and services has become commonplace for millions of our countrymen. Already in 2008 the Russians, with the help of bank cards purchased on the Internet for goods and services worth more than 1.8 billion USD. Experts estimate that by 2012, turnover in acquiring Internet in Russia will amount to more than 6 billion USD. Acceptance of payment in the internet shop of international plastic cards such as Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, and others called Internet acquiring. To connect your site to the internet acquiring needed to apply for the card operator (processing company), for example PayOnline System, which is the intermediary between the Bank and the acquirer of the Internet shop and provides information and technological cooperation between the parties calculations. Requirements for the connection: Before the technical connection, make sure you are logged in, your account activated, you get access to your Merchant Account, and indicated the loopback address (CallBackUrl).

Merchant account or trading account – an account created specifically to accept credit or debit cards. Amounts accumulated in this account, are debited from the accounts of cardholders. Loopback address (CallBackUrl) – a page on your site, where the user will be redirected after a successful payment. Legally, the scheme of interaction with card operator: enter into direct contract for Internet-acquiring the bank – for which, the bank grants you a personal merchant account as a gift. Entering into a contract with the processing company for technical support for operations processing company does all the technical part of online and offline monitoring of transactions to prevent fraudulent transactions, provides a necessary service for you and your customers.

Open new bank account is not necessary, you can work with existing ones. The process of payment by the client product / service on credit card: 1. You place on the site html form that sends the buyer on the payment form. Billing information such as: card number, verification code, card expiry date and so on must be entered by the user only form of payment, since the law prohibited to request this information from Users on an electronic trading platform, e-mail and any other means. 2. The buyer creates an order on the Internet site of the store and chooses to pay via credit card. 3. Online shop redirects the buyer to a secure form of payment 4. In the form of payment the buyer specifies information about their credit card. Card operator verifies the status and parameters of online stores in the system, as well as checks the query to compliance with statutory requirements and system limitations, and transmits the generated request to authorize a partner bank (acquiring banks), which carries an authorization for payment. 5. Upon receiving a request to authorize the transaction, the bank partner sends it to the relevant payment system (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) 6. Payment system determines the issuing bank, which was released on bank card buyer, then sends an authorization request to the bank processing center. 7. After the issuing bank will confirm the authorization of payment the buyer, the operator sends a card online store a positive authorization result, and he in turn will notify the buyer about the successful payment.

Online Payments

If you are a "lucky winner" of one, for example, R-purse, your potential buyer would be forced to take Online exchanger to convert their WMZ to WMR and only then list them for you (unless you change your mind). Fortunately, to date registration with the WM system and the discovery of electronic purses is free, so take care of how to create your buyers all the conditions for a smooth transfer of your money – it's in your best interest. If you want to become a user of this system and use it to run their businesses, I recommend read instructions for operating the system WebMoney, it will help you save time and avoid unnecessary mistakes. Another payment system, a well-established – RBK Money, still known as RuPay. This payment system provides its members a number of features distinguishes it from other systems: A wide variety of ways to get / pay the money; Rapid organization of reception of payments on its web site from all over the world, more than 20 ways, Buying, Selling or e-currency exchange, free payments between the accounts of users, Easy to use – no additional software is accessible from any computer, free registration and maintenance. To become a member this system is enough to pass a simple registration process at the site RBK Money, with the result that you get your username – your specified email address, passwords to log into the system and to make payments. All received your Be sure to record information in order to avoid problems with authorization in the future. .

Web Beginners

Make the network right now is to start with, make money online right away is not realistic, if earning a decent amount, I say 200dollarov a month or more. But if you have enough $ 15 a month and see the same day result their work, then I recommend you where to make money. Here I will describe the techniques and methods of earning on the Internet, and then you decide on what'll earn. Additionally, on my website How to earn on the Internet you'll find the right information on how to earn and which site is better to earn. Any method for its good, but at the same time bad.

If one method will you take away a lot of time, it surely does not require any knowledge and expertise, not counting Internet use. But the following method will take fewer hours, but must have some experience, or at least learn to further ispolzovaniya.Metody undermining the internet today the word 'today', I do not shall have the meaning of it as it should, because there is a network of this method to earn just the same day zarabotkov.Eto good as in our real life, on the career work you will not pay immediately. In reality of course go unload the car, but they need to start to unload. I personally made the journey from beginning to end is when the earning per click and paid registrations, and is currently doing websites. I advise you to choose more long-term projects and ways of generating income, you will be more useful, I mean the knowledge and self zarabotok.Seychas to pick and choose 1-per-click, paid registration, a fee-mail and surfing the site.

The Fire

Accordingly, the project must be tailored to the possibility of such conversions on the basis of the rules fire safety, sanitary and epidemiological, environmental standards and requirements of labor laws, architectural standards, etc. Following the development of this project it is necessary to agree with all the organizations who are responsible for compliance with the above regulations. And only after that, with project future owner of a car wash goes to sanepidemstantsiyu management, fire protection and, if necessary, in the management of environment to obtain the necessary conclusions and resolutions already on the provision of public services by washing cars. In this case, to obtain the permission of the fire from you asked to: – a contract of insurance of civil liability to third parties to compensate for the effects of possible harm – to buy: a couple of fire extinguishers, fire safety instructions on the official letterhead; official fire safety signs "Exit", "in case of fire call 101", "no smoking", "fire extinguisher", "responsible for fighting the state and others – to write a couple of logs on fire safety – to pass courses and get permit the passage of special education on fire safety – to pay a state fee. In sanepidemstantsii from you will be asked to pay a state fee and the cost of laboratory analysis of water from treatment plants to your car wash, swabs from the walls and / or gender. After a visit of Environment you want to give up business and become civil servants.