Energy Conservation

Energy conservation and energy efficiency has recently become more urgent. For their decision today use a variety of methods and systems for energy conservation. One way of solving this problem is to reduce energy consumption in the implementation of speed-controlled electric drive. However, the customer often refuses to use the drive to learn its value, and justifies its refusal to the fact that he can not go on such costs. Is it cost or profitable investment? What is the effect of the introduction of the frequency converter (the inverter) and how to assess? These issues and will focus on following lines. Define some concepts: cost – expenditure of funds for current activity of the enterprise. Investment – investment funds in various asset for future revenue from them. Define the purpose of implementation of IF: Automation, Energy Conservation. In the context of these goals is difficult to attribute the acquisition of the drive to the paper costs, as Before the introduction of hr activities of the company which then properly implemented. By introducing the drive, we expect kakogoto effect, so we consider the introduction of hr as an investment. In turn, any investment project must have clearly defined objectives: Continued of the enterprise; Business expansion / increase in productivity, reduction of costs; Minimize risks, improving the quality. The effect of the introduction of the drive can be very versatile and should be consistent with the objectives investment project.