The Sport Should Be More Serious In Schools

In many schools and colleges physical education course or one related to the sports activity is not taken with the seriousness that should. It is regrettable that circulate among students the idea that sports matter or course is an easy course and that it does not require greater concentration or effort. On the other hand, this idea of the sport is associated with the approach that is given in schools where it is mostly played what appears more a pleasure than a course. In Spain, obesity rates are worrying for what is beginning to delve into food education, but also has become a research on sports habits or physical activity and that this is essential as part of a healthy lifestyle. When we think of what children are receiving as part of his education, we must consider that important part of it is the education they receive in relation to food and sport as essential to the well-being of our body. The human being has never been a being so passive and sedentary as It is today and the technology that makes our lives easier also should be accompanied by the necessary information to be able to exercise our body properly and minimally. Before physical activity was part of the day to day and it was a means to develop most of our activities, however today the reality is that the technology has allowed that many of these activities now make them without doing any effort so important to maintain our organism in acceptable conditions, cardiovascular.

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