Bodily Alterations

The bodily alterations brought on by teams (the white hairs, muscular weakness, wrinkled and sagging skin) can bring unhappiness, since conscience of physical finitude and decay tend you generate depression. The rejection of the elderly and the denial of it seems you be mechanism of natural defense of modern man that seeks joviality and denies aging. The studies in this dimension seek you comprehend the phenomena in an effort you better interpret it. Keywords: Aging, joviality, culture and society INTRODUCTION Had been necessary millions of years it humanity to reach a billion of people, what it would have occurred probably in 1830. One hundred years later, this number folded. Of 1927 the 1960, the world-wide population arrived at the mark of the three billion inhabitants, and of there until the current days, this acceleration of the growth was so substantial that the fifth billion came in 1987 and twelve years later, 1999, reaches the sixth billion. It was not only the population growth that if extended; parallel to this growth, it also increased the longevity human being the limits never imagined thanks to the Science that evolved to the feeding that improved and vaccines that they had increased its power of covering against the most diverse diseases. , In the developing countries, the demographic profile is moving with a contingent sufficiently raised of aged in its populations. The population aging will grow in result of the advances in the knowledge of genetic engineering and the biotechnology, the medication discovery new, the politics of vaccination in mass, of the control of many infectum-contagious and potentially fatal illnesses, over all from the discovery of antibiotics, and the imunobiolgicos; of the reduction of the fecundidade taxes; of the fall of infantile mortality thanks to the magnifying of nets of sewer and water supply, modifying in a future next indicating not only demographic as the life expectancy, but mainly the proper limit of the life time, or human biological clock.