Images and animaes certainly become the site most attractive since that they do not confuse to internauta to find what it is looking for. 2.1.2 Standard: The pages must obey a standard of colors, sources, types and positioning of components, if the logomarca in a page is present in the left superior field of the initial page, thus must remain in all the pages, sources and colors are of the established standard can be used to give prominence. 2.1.3 Navigability Is necessary to have well-taken care of so that the pages do not become a labyrinth where internauta has difficulty to find what it needs, will be thus it will finish giving up not to be that it needs that content really very. 2.1.4 Lodging a ready time and in air, is very important that it is housed in a server who goes to guarantee with quality the availability of the site not to run the risk of when internauta will be to have access it to discover that the site is of air. If this to happen with Benefits a ready time and in air, the site makes possible the customer to get knowledge on the company, without having that to leave house, with the advantage of being able to visit when to want, independent to be in commercial schedule or and also how many times not to want. The Internauta that it visits frequently is always cliente of the new features, also being able to pass the information acquired to other people. 2,3 Web site people with a cost relatively low of one form fast.

The question is that this practical is made of incorrect form in many sites. You vary companies compel internauta to fill immense cadastros being that it does not go to use half of the information, for then only allowing that internauta can continue having access ' ' content exclusivo' ' , this practical finishes if becoming one it has tested to the patience of internauta that it can finish finally giving up. One sends regards that the forms are objective, and only collect the necessary information. The site is the image of the company in the Internet, therefore it needs to be made with care, it considers as critical factor that the site must be accessible independent of the speed of connection of Internet of internauta, or of the version of the navigator of it. It lowers the complete article to continue reading.

The Person

To the few he was desmembrando and of this original team I only sobrou. Everybody left and such. They had been for other proposals. One, that it was here, today you in the Record, the other you in Nike, the other was pra Safiqui to make merchan international of soccer and such. The other, that is in the Record, continues in the virtual cenografia, but you in the part of the cenografia of the Record, it understood? It continues working with this equipment and such. The other pirou and was even so for Canada (laughs). when was adopted the system of the Orade, vocs had made some course? Then, the course had one training, that is not a college.

Then, thus, she was a person here and it explained as is that software functioned, n? Type, one, two weeks, and the remaining portion learns in the practical one, understood? Looking at the manual, seeing because that you giving made a mistake. Then, thus, thing that the person said ' ' , this functions here thus, pra to matter baked, shovel, shovel, shovel, p' ' , it is the generality, it is the spine. Arm, leg and head you go to have that to learn in the practical one, she understood? is what people are passing until today therefore there. Much thing people says ' ' why it did not function? ' ' , there you return, ' ' ah! It lacked to this aqui' ' , ' ' ah! It lacked that ali' ' it understood? as is the creation process, in the development of the elements, of assembly of scene, vocs defines all the structure, or some director already asks for accurately what he wants? How he is? Then, this is a participation of the customer with the production team the customer has the briefing. Then it says ' ' I want a scene, a probao wall, want, I know there, the thing more simples' '.

Lotus Work

Sharing of better practical: success prescription accumulation and sharing. Mapping of Abilities: affection to the identification of which is the useful abilities for the organization, it withholds who them, forms of certification of that an individual really possesss one definitive ability, incentive to the attainment of new abilities and rewards to share abilities. Communities of practical (virtual or not): it understands the groups of individuals that if relate of colaborativa form, for short or long period of time, motivated for some interest or common intention. Attainment of abilities: relative the processes of generation or incorporation of new abilities inside of the organization (e.g by means of work groups that generate innovations, alliances with other institutions, programs of qualification etc.). Intellectual capital: the illustrious representative greaters are the Swedish Leif Edvinsson and Karl Erik Sveiby.

The central idea defended by these authors is that if they must create pointers of intangible assets, with the main objective not only to make possible the financial evaluation of companies in terms of physical assets (e.g building and maquinrio), but mainly in terms of intangible assets, as capacity of the employees, marks, patents etc. Companies based on knowledge is valid much more for the quality of the people who work in them and of its processes of work of what the tangible assets that she possesss. This difference is pointed in literature in many cases in the order of 10 times, that is, the company valley 10 times more than what its physical assets. For example, the Lotus company was bought by IBM in 1995 for 14 times its value in tangible goods (PRUSAK and DAVENPORT, P. 65)? Competitive intelligence: in essence, it is monitorao of the external environment of the organization, in order to collect and to analyze information so that these analyses can be used to take acuradas decisions in an environment each more mutant time.