The Person

To the few he was desmembrando and of this original team I only sobrou. Everybody left and such. They had been for other proposals. One, that it was here, today you in the Record, the other you in Nike, the other was pra Safiqui to make merchan international of soccer and such. The other, that is in the Record, continues in the virtual cenografia, but you in the part of the cenografia of the Record, it understood? It continues working with this equipment and such. The other pirou and was even so for Canada (laughs). when was adopted the system of the Orade, vocs had made some course? Then, the course had one training, that is not a college.

Then, thus, she was a person here and it explained as is that software functioned, n? Type, one, two weeks, and the remaining portion learns in the practical one, understood? Looking at the manual, seeing because that you giving made a mistake. Then, thus, thing that the person said ' ' , this functions here thus, pra to matter baked, shovel, shovel, shovel, p' ' , it is the generality, it is the spine. Arm, leg and head you go to have that to learn in the practical one, she understood? is what people are passing until today therefore there. Much thing people says ' ' why it did not function? ' ' , there you return, ' ' ah! It lacked to this aqui' ' , ' ' ah! It lacked that ali' ' it understood? as is the creation process, in the development of the elements, of assembly of scene, vocs defines all the structure, or some director already asks for accurately what he wants? How he is? Then, this is a participation of the customer with the production team the customer has the briefing. Then it says ' ' I want a scene, a probao wall, want, I know there, the thing more simples' '.