The Camera

A cooling system with numerous streams directed to different sides, provides fast and uniform cooling products. Electronics and Automatics their way into refrigerators. There is models of refrigerators in which the temperature sensors determine the still warm 'newbie' who is in the camera, and send it to a strong flow of cold air. Widely used automatic defrost refrigerator camera. In refrigerators with no forced air circulation – this is 'crying wall'. In refrigerators with automatic defrost system, so the moisture from the air condenses on the back of the camera and turns it into frosting.

Periodically, when the compressor is not working, frost is melting and dripping on the outside of the channel capacity of the unit, where the moisture evaporates. Naturally, automatic defrosting eliminates the need to periodically defrost fridge to wash it. In the cold room to store products that do not require a deep freeze. It should not be packed to capacity – it is necessary that air can circulate freely between the products, then products much longer will delight you with freshness. Freezer in the fridge freezers achieved sufficiently low temperature, and it is very important that the energy of the fridge went not to the formation of coat of frost and to maintain the desired temperature of chilled foods. If the refrigerator is used Eastholme cooling No-frost, then in the chamber forced circulation of cold air so that it does not frost is formed. Moisture from the air turns into frost outside the freezer, the same frost periodically melted and vaporized.

Rational Composition In Photography

The material is in no way does any rigid recipe of creativity, if only because that reason the image can be edited, but not create. Laws and composition rules are useful to know what should be avoided in the process of shooting, and learn what you want to photograph only photographing. In other words, the artist does not depict what he sees now, and that he would see later. W. Benjamin, talking about fototvorchestve, introduces, along with the 'mentally-unconscious', the concept of 'optical-unconscious', which in his opinion, is the main tool of the magnifying glass under which reveals the space in a short gap time.

Master in the art, according to Erich Fromm, one can only be after a long practice, when, finally, the results of theoretical knowledge and the results of the practice will merge into one – in the intuition which forms the essence Excellence in any art. Free art is the result of creativity, free from rules and regulations. Such art, according to Herbert Marcuse, must contain its own reality in allusions and connotations. His deficiencies are sometimes more personal, what are the advantages: 'Less is generally always more fruitful than the plus: it has something to undo. " Different approaches to the perception of the composition and provide an alternative to the composite construction: the composition may be as complete and, in varying degrees, Non-integrality. Integrity. Composition, design, shape. The principle of the integrity of the composition may be present only in conjunction with the basic concepts theory of art.

Pyrotechnic Compositions

Pyrotechnic compositions equip the following types of funds for military purposes: 1) Lighting equipment (bombs, artillery shells, aerial flares, etc.) used to illuminate the area at night conditions, 2) fotoosvetitelnye means (fotobomby, fotopatrony) used in aerial night: and for other purposes, and 3) tracer means making visible the trajectory of bullets and shells (and other mobile objects) and thereby facilitate sighting lo quickly moving targets, and 4) the means of infrared radiation, used for tracking the flight of missiles, and as decoys, 5) nighttime signaling (cartridges, etc.) used for signaling, 6) daytime signaling (cartridges, etc.) used for the same purpose, but in the daytime, and 7) incendiary (bombs, shells,. and many bullets etc.) serving to destroy military enemy targets, 8) masking tools (smoke bombs, shells, etc.) that are used for smoke screens, 9) for different purposes and missile range, using solid fuel pyrotechnic, 10) training and simulation tools that are used as the maneuvers and exercises and in combat situations. They mimic the action of atomic bombs, explosive shells and bombs, as well as various events on the battlefield: gun shots, fires, etc. and this may disorient the enemy's surveillance service; 11) tseleukazatelnye tools (shells, bombs, etc.) indicating the location of enemy targets; 12) pyrotechnic gas generators are used for different goals. Pyrotechnic compositions are also used in various areas of the economy.

By the pyrotechnic compositions of military include the following: 1) Lighting 2) fotoosvetitelnye (fotosmesi), 3) Tracer 4) infrared radiation, and 5) incendiary; 6) night signal lights, 7) Color of smoke signal, 8) masking smoke 9) solid pyrotechnic fuel, 10) bezpazovye (for moderators); 11) gas-generating, 12) igniter contained in a small number stve all pyrotechnic devices; 13) Other: simulation, whistling, etc. Many compounds used in a variety of means, so For example, lighting is often used in formulations for fireworks pyrotechnics, smoke masking compounds can also be used in training and simulation tools, etc. Pyrotechnic compositions can also be classified the nature of the processes occurring three of their combustion. Flaming compositions 1. Beloplamennye. 2.

Tsvetnollamennye. 3. The compositions of the infrared radiation. Heat the 1. Thermite-incendiary. 2. Gasless (malogazovye). Smoke compounds 1. White and black smoke. 2. Colored smoke. Substances and mixtures, burning through an oxygen. Metals and metal alloys. 2. Phosphorus, its solutions and alloys. 3. Mixture of mineral oil. 4. Various substances and mixtures, illuminated in contact with water or air.

Internet Car

The most common approach is called kalkulyativnym. it so that the whole process involves the separation from the family budget amount, which is not particularly struck on the budget itself. The amount may be different, but the car is purchased at the same time to a minimum configuration. But it can be Dacia Logan, and maybe "naked Chevrolet Lacetti. In essence, this approach – an attempt to kill two birds with one stone. Need a minimum amount to enter the car of maximal class, but without the extras. It is noteworthy that this path is chosen automotive world, or people with a minimum level of income, since a couple of months, the driver realizes that he is not riding on the price list, and on his choice. The second approach – Technology.

Telling a buyer with an approximate range of candidates for purchase, and selects the vehicle to specifications. In this case, priorities often change, and appearance becomes secondary. Although the vast majority of future drivers, the first thing about interest rate, speed and other performance characteristics, bunch of Internet resources, forums and more. Looks like an arms race or a struggle for numbers – whatever you like. Man, "technologically" looking car, learns about the interval between to and its value, he compares the upholstery and is important for him glove compartment volume, is there a mesh in the trunk and could be refilled turbocharged engine 92nd gasoline. These buyers are less likely to change cars, as high quality of all other approaches to the selection.

Effectively Promote

Website Promotion through article directories. How effectively and with minimal loss of time and money to promote the site? The answer to this question for a long time to be relevant. To begin booking a completely unique article or write it yourself. Then reproduce it using the program, the benefit of such programs is now very much. After that, select directories are in the index of Yandex.

Just trying to drive the search phrase 'article directory' or 'white catalog Articles' and leaves a whole list of websites where you can post an article. As a rule, good directories are within the 10-page issue. Starting with 11 pages are minor projects from which the returns will be significantly less. Ie time to spend on them is useless. Neither traffic nor the growth of tic from them will not wait. Compile a list of article directories within the first 10 pages of issue Yasha and proceed to the placement.

Be warned that not all directories are ready rameschat similar texts. Some set the level of uniqueness of 70% or higher. For such projects need to write some articles. As the experience of posting articles to directories tic growth occurs between 10 and 20. To lift up to 10 tic can even not exert much effort. Also, we need to raise rates pr. The same actions done a for google. Consider the issue of Google and contains articles on the most trust resources.