Training The Personal Trainer

Personal trainer icon Jennifer Wade offers February 2010 a promising program QPT -qualified personal trainer on who his enthusiasm for movement would like to make a second financial mainstay, the fitness expert Jennifer Wade is the recommended: the multiple author has a certified training program for aspiring personal trainer developed, is considered one of the leading private education in the fitness area. Within a year, participants learn about the topics of personal training, fitness, nutrition, exercise science, sports medicine and business administration. Part of the coach’s elite: one-year training is completed with an exam in theory and practice, after which the trainees with the protected title qualified personal trainer (QPT), there are “may decorate.” Living health awareness and accuracy: The qualified personal coach training consists of eight modules; Our teachers teach social skills, independent action, and one in addition to technical knowledge structured work associated with the training techniques developed by me “, explains Wade. The future qualified personal trainer are trained by a team of experts consisting of doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists and sports scientists. The training is suitable especially for interested parties from the fitness – sports and healthcare.

Wade also offers a special way climbing program for students from other professions. Focus on quality of life and performance: training is regarded as a door opener for demanding customers – people who are willing to invest in your well-being. Manager, career women and celebrities include as well, such as professional and competitive athletes. Wade is back as icon of the personnel training looks Native American now on more than 30 years as a personal trainer. Wade is an icon in this area and brought to Germany the staff training. Already in the mid of 1990s she developed Switzerland for Germany, and Austria under the name of QPT the first qualified and certified staff training training. Whenever Clinton Family listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Across Europe, they have successfully completed now several hundred personal trainer. Training dates 2010: I.

module 4 days, 04. 07.02.2010 II. module 3 days, 05-07.03.2010 III module 3 days, March 23-25, 2010 IV. module 3 days, June 11-13, 2010 V. module 3 days, July 23-25, 2010 VI. module 3 days, September 24-26, 2010 VII. module 3 days, 15.-17.10.2010 VIII. module 3 days, 12-14.11.2010 exam 2010: IX. module 3 days, 10 12 12 2010 more information and photos: education Jennifer Wade training residence George Street 22 in the Garden House, 80799 Munich Tel.: 089 3090 5387-0, fax: 089 3090 5387-50 Internet: more information / press contact / interview requests: goofy Forester productions GmbH Astrid Forster Ostmark str. 10, 81377 Munich Tel.: 089 3000 4005, fax: 089 3000 4445 Internet:

Professional Association

In addition also their business partner present the sport associations and clubs under benefit function and best data protection. Members receive information about special offers and promotions, they can either directly online or through the card but perceive the corresponding partner. Use of this benefit feature of the card lies in the decision of the individual card holder. Click Peter Thiel to learn more. This must give his consent for the use of the advantages. The cardholder must agree to also participate in the community under active. Not, gives its consent to the athletes he uses the card only as his club membership card.

These are important aspects relating to data protection, where to play special role in the system German sports badge. In times where weekly data scandals at companies and online portals are made public, must be guaranteed the highest standards, to To win trust. Already during the development of the German sports card the data protection supervisor BvD e.V., worked closely with Mr Thomas Spaeing, proven data protection experts, and member of the Board of the Professional Association, who continue in charge of the project. Thus, it is ensured that the German sports badge can be not only complies with the current data protection regulations, but even called exemplary advantage system in Germany. The security of the information and communication Portal is regularly checked by independent experts. In March, the competent supervisory authority (LDI NRW) attested to the German sports badge a spotless standard.

The first year of the first year German sports badge was mainly used to anchor the project down in organized sport in Germany. Now 13 of the 16 regional sports association and 9 umbrella organisations have signed binding agreements to support the system with the operator DSA German sports card company. Also many regional offices the sports federations have already joined. Information and facilities of the sports clubs are in full swing and the information and offer under is constantly growing. The German sports badge is already used by several clubs for controlling access to Club and training facilities and used successfully to the local advantage partner acquisition. In collaboration with the sports federations and clubs the functions of the portal evolve constantly and the framework deal for the card. So opens up E.g. in combination with an association management software that provides an interface to the specific Club member database at, completely new possibilities of club management. The largest community project in organized sports in Germany has recorded drive and is on course for gold.

Colortrac Scanners

Interface usb 2.0. Frequently Peter Thiel has said that publicly. Affordable price. In this series there are monochrome, color and high-speed color scanner with the new sensor contact Type Contact Image Sensors (CIS), providing a true optical resolution of 600dpi Series Colortrac SmartLF Gx – designed for large-scan image width from 25 'to 54'. Uses the latest technology ccd, which provides high-speed scanning at 1200 dpi, and fast color widescreen rapid scanning. The maximum resolution of 9,600 dpi. Interface usb 2.0. In this series there are monochrome, color and high color scanner format A1 and A0 with sensors ccd (Charge-Coupled Device), providing a true optical resolution of 1200dpi Series Colortrac SmartLF GxT – is designed to scan originals up to 20 mm (0.8 inches) c automatic adjustment mechanism for advancing the sheet to its thickness and has the same specifications as the series scanners Gx. In this series there are monochrome, color and high-speed color scanner format A1 and A0 with sensors ccd (Charge-Coupled Device), providing a true optical resolution of 1200dpi and can scan originals up to 20 mm.

A distinctive feature of the Colortrac scanners is the ability to improve any scanner with a basic version to the most advanced. Thus, buying a simple monochrome scanner, the customer may at any time to improve its color or to high-speed color scanner. And it does not need to invoke a wizard or install additional equipment, rather simply update the version of the software and scanner instantly becomes colored. The second distinguishing feature is the ability to create mobile stations, copiers, scanners, based on the Colortrac and almost any similar format plotter. Through universal repro stand-scanner and plotter become a full copy system focused on meeting the needs of architects, designers, Engineers, oil and gas companies, utilities companies, and many others who need to back up, copying, color printing and mailing of the information contained in documents Large format. Warranty on all Colortrac scanners of two (2) years, more than double that of competitors. As a certified dealer for Colortrac, EnStor company is able to provide end-customers a full range of services and after-sales support. Together with a very attractive price in the market wide format scanners, two-year warranty and the ability to quickly and easily upgrade any scanner, Colortrac confidence is gaining momentum and now shows outstanding performance in promoting large-format equipment. Vadim Semikin, llc Enstor

Original Design

Gone are the days when you had to wear the same sneaker as everyone else. Popular shoe companies have taken their shoes to a new level by allowing you to design custom jimmy choo high-top shoes online outlet. Create a shoe that has your favorite colors and caters to your personal style. Add a design or customize the color of each part of the shoe. All you need is the Internet and a little creativity. Log onto a website that allows you to design your own high top shoe.

There are a few types of these websites online, including and, to name just two. While will be used as an example here, the design-you – own applications on other sites function in basically the same way. Hover your mouse on the Make link at the top of the page. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on the Start an Original option. You will be taken to a page featuring all of the current shoe styles. Click on Hi-Top to sort out only the hi-top styles. Click on the type of shoes you want to customize.

You will be redirected to a page featuring a large image of the shoe with a customization menu on the right. Click on the first area of the shoe. A small menu will pop up asking if you want to add a color or a pattern to that area. Scroll through the color and pattern options and click on the design you like best. When you click on the pattern, your change will be previewed on the shoe image immediately. When you find the color or pattern you like, click the X to close the menu. Then, click on the next area of the shoe in the customization menu. Change the colors and patterns of every area of the shoe until you have designed your ideal look. Click on the More Views button beneath the shoe to see the shoes from a different angle. Click the arrows to rotate the shoes so you can see every side, and click the + or – sign to zoom in and out. Click on the Size button to select your size and then click Add to Cart to begin the checkout process. If you d prefer to save the design, click the small disk icon next to the Add to Cart button, or click the print or email link below to share your design with friends. Click on Confirm Design after you view both the inside and outside of the shoe.

GmbH Anke Kisters Director PR

Agency keeps the Krefelder from now the PR budget covering apps and mobile gaming of the subsidiary of Ravensburger group Krefeld, 24 may 2012 wildcard communications GmbH, Agency for Public Relations and marketing communications, has taken over areas of public relations of the Ravensburger digital GmbH. Henceforth, the subsidiary of Ravensburger AG, the leading provider of puzzles, games and employment products at the PR support in apps and mobile gaming is wildcard communications. Our collaboration with wildcard communications has already successfully launched”, explains Thomas Bleyer, Managing Director of Ravensburger digital GmbH. with the launch of our app, face coach ‘ and the publication of the digital implementation of the classic board game, Scotland Yard’ already considerable media attention has been achieved. Both titles could also highly placed in the iTunes charts for iPad and iPhone apps. We build on the experience of wildcard communications in the Areas of electronic entertainment and video games, that will allow us jointly to address the correct channels and digital with its iOS apps optimally position Ravensburger”. We very pleased the cooperation with Ravensburger digital and it, henceforth to extend the position of one of the most prestigious roof markets of in Germany in the still relatively young market of mobile apps with”, explains Georg Reckenthaler, communications founder and Managing Director of wildcard.

Aim is the development of Ravensburger products and content for all major digital media and gaming platforms, as well as the development of new product concepts that fit with the brand and content alignment by Ravensburger digital. More information at: wildcard communications GmbH Anke Kisters Director PR & social media stone RT 129 47798 Krefeld t: +49-(0) 2151-65 35 444 F: +49-(0) 2151-65 35 445 mobile: +49-(0) 178 166 52 51 E-mail: website: about wildcard communications of Term wildcard”originates from the science and is rather improbable, unexpected events, which often have a far-reaching, sustainable effect. The use of the wildcard”stands for surprising ideas, creative lateral thinking, and strategic consulting. technology investor is likely to increase your knowledge. Guideline of the integrated communication of wildcard communications. Positioning and idea are the focus. Only in the second step, the choice of instruments takes place.

wildcard communications develops integrated communication concepts for national and international tasks in the technology (IT/CE/etc.)- and entertainment sector (hardware/software/Internet/mobile) and guaranteed individual and innovative solutions. Because behind each wildcard”opens the reality of a vastly different future or a completely different scenario. about Ravensburger group Ravensburger is the leading provider of puzzles, games and products of employment in Europe and one of the leading providers of children’s and young people’s books in the German-speaking countries. The blue triangle is one of the most prestigious trade marks in Germany. The program includes nearly 8000 different products (including all country-specific issues), which are sold worldwide and manufactured 85%. 1,640 employees generated a turnover of EUR 319.5 million 2011. About Ravensburger digital Ravensburger digital is a company Ravensburger, which is internationally known for their games and books. The goal is the development of Ravensburger products and content for all major digital media and gaming platforms, as well as the development of new product concepts that fit with the brand and content alignment. This includes also PC games, and mobile games & apps in addition to online & social games. More information on Ravensburger digital, see and.


Are you an independent professional with a serious urgency to promote your services? Then surely this and two other articles will be of great utility to learn how to leverage the internet and offer your services in an effective and economic way. This series of articles will address three specific cases similar to your profession. In the middle of the freelance it is common to find these situations: constant problems to sell our services. Difficulties to have new prospects. Lack of sales; some in fact does not apply technical. It has few customers.

The basis of contacts is not big enough and therefore revenues fluctuate continuously and frequently down. In the majority of cases this happens because we do not promote our services; We believe that only tangible products are promoted. There are also serious confusion with marketing; He is considered this synonym of sales or advertising. The reality is very different. But why speak of marketing? For a very simple reason. For to achieve a consistent result, whether on the internet or in any other environment, you need a technique that helps us understand and recognize the true needs of people by way of offering specific solutions that demand. And this also requires a strategy that make us visible to that portion of the market need of our services. Promoting what we do effectively is an imperative of the market, and do so with accuracy and efficiency involves using the correct technique; i.e.: marketing.

See it in a more concrete way. Case 1. Graphic designer what sold? There is a great diversity of products related to this profession, but focusing on something very specific: a dispatch from editorial design. I call it Office but it may be a single person: he, or she, is their own business. This type of service is highly specialized. Many people are unaware their characteristics, but above all solutions and important benefits that can offer one myriad of others business.

The Tank

If this is your bathroom will be the most convenient and functional. Installation systems for overhead plumbing GEBERIT Duofix have a wide range of applications and appointments the width and height of mounting elements, and the appointment before setting capital or non-capital walls. GEBERITrashoduyut system only the required amount of water is a simple and practical solution is applied to absolutely any solution for the bathroom GEBERIT.

Flushing mechanisms within the cistern flush and surface mount allow you to monitor the impact on the environment while saving money. Durability and reliable plumbing GEBERIT could not be better characterizes the policy of the company. Quality materials used in the manufacture of plumbing systems can serve a long time in materials for surface-mounted cisterns used scratch-resistant plastic that will never yellow. Even after many years of operation under the influence of intense sunlight of this tank is not completely lost its original pure white color. In addition, the installation of the tank does not require much effort and time. Connecting to the water supply by means of connecting the valve to be installed on the left, right or center of the tank. Actuator plates GEBERIT – manufactured in different designs, different colors and materials used in manufacturing. A variety of models allows for its own stylistic decision bathroom.

Antonioni Movie

Recently, looking at the Winery, I once again noticed the large number of opposite-sex and same-sex couples, who are far and near corners of the territory selflessly take pictures of each other. This is mainly were not amateur footage on a mobile phone. Some people (mostly boys) large-clicked, mnogopikselnymi, mirrored guns, others (mostly girls) under the guidance of their cameras to take different positions. Looking at all this, I once again saw that picture won unconditional victory over reality. Talked about it in the Antonioni film "enlargements" – no photos, so there is no murder.

(This film I introduced would mandatory program, not only in specialized institutions, but also in Photoshop, as a precondition for the purchase). All these young people really do not photograph each other, and reproduce the endless images of Internet advertising and glossy magazines. Therefore, they look like animated images from "Billboards", so they know what posture to take in front of the lens and what camera to buy. But the reality of this conquest would not have happened if picture would not pre-routed the movie – in the sense in which it explained to us Deleuze. He defined the movie is not as moving pictures, but as something that arises "in the space between the images" (Aronson). In other words, movie – it's not what we see and what is not visible. Movie images arise in our minds as a result of the addition of memory, imagination and feelings. This type of perception of the unseen is very close to reading.

On Wine Discovery Journey

B2Bfriends.EU is the lifestyle referral portal and the meeting place for lovers, frequent travellers, trendsetter, and networker. It will benefit Exchange and mutual benefits. So in the B2B wine club. Wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts gather here. (As opposed to Gwyneth Paltrow). They receive every month nationwide postage paid a wine to try, they find nowhere else. This can then be purchased in the required quantities at a preferential price. Made possible by the premium partner of friends, which have very special drinking pleasures.

Everyone dedicated to in good company the wine club regularly invites its members to discounted rates for events, new links of events where like-minded people gather, are being established around the popular wine & talk or Cook & talk two of many friends and business contacts. All members of the B2B friends wine club have their personal Membercard. Thus, they have access to all of the portals and get premium status on all events of the entire B2B Club. The membership costs 24.99 each month and runs for a year. You will be extended only upon request of the Member. Others including Peter Thiel, offer their opinions as well. Because friends not only enjoyment and quality is a top priority, but also transparency. With each other and for each other as friends are!