Alternative Energy Sources

The development of technological progress and modern society in general requires more energy. So familiar to us today, oil and gas are not unlimited and gradually dry out, causing mankind to seek alternative routes for its production. Given the ever-increasing pace of power consumption and negative environmental impact of modern fuels, an important factor in energy production is its environmental friendliness. On today provides a wealth of alternative sources of production: solar, wind, the so-called 'hydrogen' energy, tidal energy / low tides, the underground heat of the earth, etc. A common shortcoming of all these sources is a tremendously high cost of necessary equipment, technical imperfections, the geographic location of sources of energy. An important obstacle is the inadequate legislation and, paradoxically it may sound, our conservatism: we are still wary of success such as electric or hydrogen-powered car.

Scientific and technological revolution, the victorious gait included in the XX Century, unfairly shifted to second place this time-tested source of energy as biogaz.Chto is it? Biogas – a combustible gas consisting of an average of 60% methane (CH4), 35% carbon dioxide (CO2) and 5% other impurities gas, whose composition varies somewhat depending on the type of waste. It is formed during fermentation (putrefaction) of organic residues of plant or animal origin without air (anaerobically) in water srede.Dlya biogas to its further use, this process is carried out in special tanks – digesters. In the digester system is organized mixing the fermented mass, device heating and yield of gas, which is then used in a household, or for technical purposes. Over time, the number of released biogas digester is reduced and remains fluid, divided into several layers. Virtually all of the liquid is formed by the properties of valuable organic fertilizer that increases yields significantly. Its effectiveness has been proven by many research institutes of agriculture on its own experienced areas, as there are appropriate certificate. Biogas can be used: a) a household gas stoves and burners, b) in the gas-fired thermal power for the low heat production) in gas generators for What electrical power do we have? completely independent power supply! With access to the biogas plant, a farmer or villager can fully ensure its permanent agriculture ecologically clean fuel, heat, electricity, and all that – simply disposing of organic waste.


Madrid did not count on railway station until the inauguration of Atocha in 1851 by the company Madrid Saragossa Alicante of railroads, although its original name was Station of Noon. Little it is in the present station of Atocha original elements of the station since years after its beginning great part of her was destroyed because of a fire. In 1888 she returned renewed with a design of Alberto Martin Elissage Palace in collaboration with Gustave Eiffel, that gave to the station a greater vault him realised in forged iron. In 1985 the station of Atocha receives a great reform with a view to the future that for of Atocha a different station. It was chosen to conserve the vault and to use it like ceiling to turn the great near space into a great crossing site, strolls and rest acclimated with a tropical garden, restaurants and stores, being transferred the railway terminal meters, being useful in equipping it with means necessary to be able to welcome in new line of high speed (BIRD) that from 1992 leave from Atocha. In addition to visit Atocha is simple like tourist in Madrid, since the station is placed right in the center of the Spanish capital, which allows to have all type of services close. At the time of acceding to a Web of booking hotels with the aim of realising a reserve in of the hundreds of lodgings of Madrid, it can be to have an account a zone like Atocha that besides the great station tells on the beginnings of the Stroll of the Prado and the Park of the good retirement very to few meters. Sometimes like visitors us details of great beauty can be escaped if we are not open to which any place can hide-and-seek and is that what often a simple place is considered to take a train can turn out one from the best places to give an pleasant stroll with history airs.

Human Genome

When Bill Clinton-entonces President USA-announced 10 years ago to the world, the decoding of the human genome!, said we are knowing the language with which God created man, in the same time James Thompson of the University of Wisconsin, and Baltimore’s James Gerhard announcing to the world the first cultivation of cells from human embryos mother!, which is one of the languages so the devil seeks to destroy man, then in 2001 thousands of embryos were created and used for research and junked then to waste in the midst of experiments of dubious technological reputation, it seemed chelates hedonistic Utopia of Herbert Marcuse who work the machines and man vacara in the pleasures of the spirit would come true, such was the excitement that the Washington Post titled in a biotechnology gold mines! Sunday Edition-referring to the Madre(Stem Cells) cells.Now Hussein Obama has decided to finance publicly funded experimentation with embryonic stem cells which are the cells MOTHER? They are cells that are derived from the inner cell mass of the blastocyst (the outer cell mass is undone) and who have the ability to develop into any of the 210 tissues of human beings the blastocyst? Yes!, a human being of 5 days of age that has between 50 and 150 cells, also are called stem cells (Stem: trunk).Also obtained partly from the amniotic fluid (hematopoietic) are cell adultas(a traves de la reprogramacion) Science recognizes 4 types of stem cells: DIFFERENTIATED cells that can develop into an Animal being (rational or irrational) example the Zygote, PLURIPOTENT capable of transforming into any tissue of the animal being, hitherto believed that they are not capable of giving source to be a live MULTIPOTENCIALES that can transform into a single type of fabric and the UNIPOTENCIALES which can transform into a cell type nothing more. which is the essence of the problem? the root of this debate lies in that experiment with cells embryonic stem necessarily have to destroy a human embryo and then ask ourselves which is the identity and value anthropological of the human being in this initial phase of its existence?, is justified to achieve a well Mayor(descubrir nuevas terapias) do need to destroy a tiny human being?, perhaps we are resurrecting Nicolas Maquiavelo posed in his book the little Prince by a similar to the of Hussein Obama good thesis emerges from the evil or theEnd justifies the means, just in case we do not learn from history, when at the end of century XIX human beings were bought, sold and bred like animals, we don’t remember perhaps humiliating Nazi experiments in Dachau and Auschwitz, the harassment of African Americans in Alabama (Tuskegee) that were experimental subjects in studies of the effects of syphilis, the effects of these experimentsthat Obama has decided to finance, tomorrow more later humanity will recognize them as abhor them.OTHER one with stem cells without destroying the EMBRIONCesar Nombela, (January 2009), says that there are more 2300 studies that demonstrate the existence of cells of the own body which can serve as stem cells for example the Japanese scientist Shinya Yamanaka has demonstrated that it is possible to reprogram somatic cells into pluripotent cells, scientists de Barcelona obtained them from hair, in Germany at the University of Tubingen have managed to derive cells mother Pluripotentes from testicle cellsGrease and so many examples but they demonstrate that you don’t need to destroy embryos to obtain cells MadreCONCLUSIONESNo must mystify progress, doing so is a confusion, a philosophical error, nor it should be making sacred time of progress, or deifying human reason or science, the Utopia of Marcuse is the same thing that made progress mythRemember that progress is to convert late in the Middle but is unable to create purposes, we appreciate the facts in their fair dimension, Tomas Moro said that behind Finisterre(Fin de la Tierra) hid one Earth happy, abundant and free, let’s not compare and conclude that behind these experiments, facts with bloody hands, lies a brave new world at times behind the curtain hides someone worse. .


Making repairs on a regular basis and on their own? Then you can not read the recommendations below. This is only for those who, like the author, never made repairs on their own. We have always worked on this home only dad, in fact, he never allowed home, explaining that the rest of him only in the way, and he will do everything yourself. Pick up your own home, had to deal with this problem. Has already passed the 9 months in anticipation of the beginning of this wonderful event in my life. Perhaps this is because for the first time.

Money always not enough thought in terms of design with each new scatter seen the magazine, dedicated to design and repair, as well as with each visit to a well-renovated apartment or building materials store. The choice is enormous. DESIGN This is perhaps the most crucial moment, because very often happen in apartments, which are embedded in the repair of relatively large sums, but no comfort, no joy for the eyes, these interiors are not brought. Error in most cases is the wrong choice of colors, as well as the fact that no dimensions accounted for an apartment: for small Russian apartments are selected materials (and furniture) that are designed to repair the apartments of the American standard: a large bright picture, silk or bamboo wallpaper. I have already absolutely not talking about a style that can only pick up a professional or a person with very good taste.

So I would recommend for the dreams of good repair more inclined towards moderation, perhaps even asceticism, as in this case, the details are always easier to add than to remove. Also not recommended to blindly follow other people's ideas. Temperament, tastes and lifestyles are different. You can create beautiful interiors apartment, but the problem will only be one – you do not fit into this interior, in their own home will be uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Garden Site

The appearance of your garden each represents a different way. But all the gardens in common – a place where you can relax from the hustle and bustle, surrounded by wildlife. Every summer resident seeks to acquire a beautiful summer gazebo. As to choose the most appropriate model for such facilities to the site? How to translate ideas into reality? How to make this element of the garden plot is not only functional but also aesthetically appealing? First you need to define the purpose of construction: why put up a conversation in the garden. To become an ideal place to relax, it should be possible to meet the needs of all households. The direct appointment of gazebos in the garden today – expand the functional space holiday home and remove the burden from the veranda, living room or kitchen. Therefore, it is important to provide a device roads and trails that will connect the house, gazebo and, if necessary, household premises. If you plan to install inside the gazebo table and bench, this must be taken into account already in the initial calculation of the size of the structure.

If you plan to place the gazebo next to the barbecue or grill, it is to consider when choosing a site for construction of pavilions to subsequently do not have to trim interfering branches or plants. Garden arbor can serve not only as a place of rest, but at the same time be a bright decorative spot in your garden. To do this you need to consider design design pergola, its location on the site, as well as its functionality. There are many factors that should also be taken into account: the microclimate site mobility of soil, light and shadow angles of incidence from the adjacent buildings, fences and tall trees at different times of day. The most important condition for choosing the site for construction of pavilions – a beautiful view from it.

PMI Entertainment

On the Course the modern entertainment involves ways and vehicles of communication and an ample gamma of directed services for sale them cultural products. It is used, still, one sophisticated infrastructure for the suppliment of the necessities generated for events or the proper points of sales. The offered course destines it the formation of professionals directed the management of the diverse segments of the entertainment. It is divided in six modules: Audiovisual, Editorial and Fonogrfico, Events, Tourism, Communications digital and Development of Projects, approaching the main sectors of the industry of the entertainment with an ample quarrel on concrete cases of success of companies or professionals of each sector. objective top To the ending of the course, the pupils will be apt to act in areas of companies directed to the entertainment, either in the activities of development of entertainment projects, as well as in the management of the production. white Public top Professionals whom they intend to develop and to manage projects directed to the entertainment sector. Not the superior academic formation is demanded (ingression by means of curricular analysis).

The course will approach best practical the relative ones to the management of projects of the market, on the basis of PMI (Project Management Institute), as well as also to the specific areas of performance of the professionals, offering at the same time, a brought up to date and convergent vision more of the diverse sectors of the entertainment. top Program 1. Lesson Inaugural 2. Introduction to the Management of Projects 3. Initiation and Planning of Management of Projects 4. Execution, Control and Finishing of Projects 5. Final project 6.

Sector Audiovisual 7. Financial mathematics 8. Beddings of Marketing 9. Sector Editorial and Fonogrfico 10. Negotiation and Administration of Conflicts 11. Sector of Fashion 12. Leadership and Work in Team 13. Cultural sector of Dramatical Arts and Centers 14. Strategy of Companies 15. Sector of Events 16. Techniques of Presentation 17. Infraestrutura 18. 19 Legal aspects. New Medias horria Load total: 240 hours/lesson top Coordination Prof. Julia Levy top Date of Beginning FGV BOTAFOGO: Date of beginning: 22 of October of 2011 Schedule: Saturdays, of 9h to 16h50min