Rent A Villa In Montenegro And Croatia: What To Choose

Posted in News on July 13th, 2017

This question is often excites everyone who intends to rent a villa or a home near the Adriatic Sea, and until that time had never been in Croatia or Montenegro. Initially, the two former republics of Yugoslavia look similar to each other. With all visible advantages, according to which they prefer. Both countries for Russian citizens are free to entry. Both compared to the nearby Italian pretty cheap.

Both environmentally friendly, with beautiful views, a museum city. Here and there one can understand the language But for all the similarities, Montenegro and Croatia, of course, extremely different. What you need to take into consideration when renting villas and apartments in Croatia and Montenegro: Features of the villas in Croatia and Montenegro, by type of settlement, Croatia and Montenegro are not much different from each other. That one that has a different weight for hotels in the socialist era, which is why live there is better in private villas and apartments, which the group would cost cheaper than the hotel room. By the way, a 'villa' there is meant not ososoblenny house and small hotel. In Croatia, for example, is very common kind of rent, when visitors and the owner live in one house, with all independent of each other.

Villas in Montenegro and Croatia are equipped with good double beds, split-system. Villas with pools are not so a lot. How much is the rent a villa in Montenegro and that in all respects, Croatia more expensive country than its neighbor, Montenegro, the cost of renting apartments is generally not available.

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