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However, so that this occurs satisfactorily, she is necessary that the professors, in the paper of facilitadores and mediators of the learning, find a form qualitative teoriaem to transform it practical. In this perspective, Saucers (2000) and Bridge (2003) they stand out that the professors need to have the conscience of that the acquisition of the geometric concepts must occur by means of the accomplishment of activities that involve the pupils in the comment and the comparison of the geometric figures, especially those related with the angular concepts. Finishing, the results of the accomplishment of this project of pedagogical intervention indicate that many difficulties with regard to the education of geometry exist, mainly, with the study of angles. In this direction, the necessity exists of that new strategies of education are used in classroom for the education of this content are not relegated to as a plain one and can take care of the pertaining to school necessities of our pupils. Bibliographical references AUSUBEL, D.P. the significant learning: the theory of David Ausubel. So Paulo, SP: Moraes, 1982. AUSUBEL, D.P.; NOVAK, J.D.; HANESIAN, H.

educational Psychology. Rio De Janeiro, RIO DE JANEIRO: Inter-American publishing company Ltda, 1980. BORBA, M.C. qualitative Research in mathematical education. Belo Horizonte, MG: Authentic publishing company, 2004. BRAZIL.

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West Email

Consideraes final the scientific and technological spreading is important for the development of a country, contributing 1. In 10 of November the World-wide Day of Science for the Peace and the Development, promoted for UNESCO is commemorated, with the objective to stimulate the reflection of all the components of the society on the paper of the scientific and technological progress and its influence in the daily one. 1. Graduated Pedagogia and monitorial of attendance in the Astronomical Polar region Casimiro Montenegro Son, of Fundao Technological Park Itaipu (FPTI). Email:.

2. Graduated Hotelaria and monitor of attendance in the Astronomical Polar region Casimiro Montenegro Son, of Fundao Technological Park Itaipu (FPTI). Brad Pitt might disagree with that approach. Email:. 3. Doctor in Education for Science and professor of the State University of the West of the Paran (Unioeste), Campus of Estuary of the Iguau. Email: dpedm@ uol.com.br. Movie Star brings even more insight to the discussion.

4. Graduated Geography and coordinator of the Astronomical Polar region Casimiro Montenegro Son. E_mail: janer@ pti.org.br. for the permanent formation and the increase of the qualification, motivation and social insertion of the people. However, as it displays Moreira (2006, P. 16), we do not have forgetting in them that science, for same itself, does not decide the serious problems of social inaqualities …. More science and technology do not mean necessarily more justice, greater equality and better conditions of life, particularly in the Third World. Tratase of a necessary, but not enough condition. The education centers not-deed of division, as the Astronomical Polar region, act to give to its contribution in order it the least this condition necessary to be satisfied, in the search of that each time more increases the number of well informed and inserted people in a technological society, using itself of the scientific knowledge rationally accumulated by the humanity. BRAZIL references.

Translation Style

When the linguist wants to publish an article in the native language, it provides its specialist for correction and verification. In this case, it should be understood that the corrector will certainly bring some corrections in the text, which does not depend on how the document is designed and written, how professionally made and for what purpose. Wrong with that nothing, it's even true. Since all have their own vision of style and sound of his native language. Before the article is published, the text of the latest specialist ruling is likely to do so that the document re-created his personal style and manner of presentation of thoughts, as if giving the text of "his individuality. " When an editor or proofreader rules text, it does not mean that are present in the written errors, typos, or "crooked" style.

And it indicates only that the reviewer does not think the text style perfect. Consequently, article or document that must be perfect and meet all the requirements, require additional processing before they receive approval for printing or other application. And situation with translations, one more criterion: the translation is not simply must display the original content, as well as meet all the standards of style that are the best in terms of the corrector or editor. Hence, it appears that for the result of high-quality translation, plays an important role working closely with his translator proofreader and editor. Professional translator always knows exactly what from it may require – from specialized local guidelines for specific text (including when they are assumed by default) to the tiniest nuances of language translation. Also worth noting is that not always competently the transfer looks good.

This is due to the fact that the original text are different, both qualitative and horrible. And as much as possible of the original foul create harmonious text in translation. This should remember, and do not perceive the original author and translator, as something indivisible. When placing an order for the translation, the customer should be aware that the general scheme of the magic of no work. And we should not wait absolutely faithful translation, especially if the translator is not given the opportunity to interact with the actors who have great knowledge in the topics of the text (and, as a direct source, and translated text). In a typical article, not a translation, too, should not wait for no clear guidelines and regular cooperation between a linguist and editor perfectly edited text. To translate get as close to perfect, you can use the following tips: 1. Detailed, but concise recommendations can truly assist in the translation for the item total. This also includes information about stylistic preferences and the specialized terms that are assumed in the translated text. 2. Providing different, important reference materials in their original language and translation will have an interpreter substantial assistance. 3. If the translator (or the center transfers) close contact with the publishing editor and proofreader, and this causes the efficiency and more accurate order execution. 4. Without patience, it is impossible to start and maintain long-term cooperation interpreter and the customer.

Universities Education

SUMMARY This article in the distance argues the Education and the Evasion in the course of Visual Arts offered by the System of Open University of Brazil – UAB in the modality in the distance of a Polar region of the UAB. For such, a general boarding with definitions of Education as well as of Evasion in this segment becomes in the distance. One understands that the Education in the distance estimates the construction of knowledge mediatizado for technologies of the information and communication that the construction of the knowledge has for objective. In this direction, it is intended to argue the possible reasons of the Evasion. From theoretical studies and general comments of the course in question it has the possibility in the distance to identify the existing challenges in the learning; relating the involved agents in the Education and Distance to the o use of the miditicos resources gifts in this virtual context. Word-keys: Education in the distance, Technology of the Information and Communication and Evasion. INTRODUCTION It is verified, today, that the majority of the Universities of the state and federal net is contemplated gratuitous courses in the modality in the distance offered by the system of the Open University of Brazil – UAB.

Although the courses of the system of the UAB to be offered gratuitously in the modality in the distance, great part of of them possesss Evasion. Ahead of this context, it is pertinent in the distance to argue and to analyze the context of the courses offered in the modality; to reflect the use of the Technologies of the Information and Communication in the learning process; as well as the o paper of the tutor and the professor in the process of dissemination of the knowledge. Despite the described one exists above problematic, the Open Education and in the distance is each more present time in the context of the modern societies, being an education modality that comes taking care of to the emergent demands of the new educational paradigms.

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The text volume of 1-2 pages a translator can do about an hour and a half. Bulk same documents are divided into pieces and given to the translation several translators. After the transfer is a team of professional editors and proofreaders proofread texts for correct use of terms and vocabulary. This challenge becomes feasible in primarily through the use of translation memory systems. Our translation differs responsibility, punctuality, and our motto is "Only a quality translation for all!"

Avoid Potential Disaster Job Interview

There are definitely things you can do to avoid minor mishaps which could ultimately blow an interview. Familiarize yourself with these 7 potential interview disasters you can avoid clogging their way to a dream job. 1. Do not be late Being late is both rude and inconsiderate. Is this the first impression you want to leave with a potential employer? Road map and try it before the interview. Plan of hours to be at least half early for your appointment. This will provide a barrier to protect against wrong turns, traffic jams and all the other accidents that may occur you.

If you arrive early, you can use the time to calm their nerves. 2. DO NOT SAY the wrong name more than a nervous candidate has been known to accidentally call the interviewer the wrong name. To avoid this false Pau disconcerting to find out who is speaking before the interview. Memorize the name (s). If this information is not available before the meeting, then type the name of the person in your notebook as soon as you sit for the interview. If you slip-up, not to make a huge scandal. Apologize quickly (and sincerely) and move on.

3. Say NO not choose his words carefully. Prevent spontaneous responses, the first thing that comes to mind can not be the best answer. Remember, you can pause if you need some time to think. Feel free to say "that's a good question, let me take a moment to think about it." This shows that you think before you speak.

The Communitarian

' ' The speech politician as act of comunicao' ' it concerns more directly to the actors who participate of the communication scene politics, whose challenge consists of influencing the opinions in order to get adhesions, rejections or consensuses. It results of agglomerations that structuralize the action partially politics: assemblies, debates, presentation of slogans, meetings, crowdings, televising marches, ceremonies, declarations and construct imaginary of the communitarian filiation, but of this time, more on behalf of a common behavior, more or less ritualizado, of what of a thought system, exactly that this perpasse that one. Here the speech politician dedicates if to construct images of actors and to use seduction and persuasion strategies. ' ' The speech politician as comentrio' ' necessarily politician is not come back toward an end. The intention is the concept politician, but the speech is enrolled in a situation whose purpose is of the field of activity politics: it is a speech regarding the politician, without risk of danger politician.

In this in case that, the speech can disclose opinion of the citizen that speaks, without if it knows the degree of comprometimento in relation to the certain opinion. The speech politician can be constructed of rigorous form, with theories, in its challenge to construct a thought system and that later she appears in varied communication situations. According to Charaudeau (2008, P. 42), ' ' the speech is constituent of poltico' ' that he is on in the interior of the organization of the social life as to be able and quarrel. The speech is, at the same time, a place of envolvement of the citizen, where it has justification of its thought and influence of the other.

Each practical of speech varies communication acts according to. The speech politician is acometido by assujeitamento question that if becomes basic for its construction. In this manner, at the same time where if they construct citizens, one faces constructed citizens already.

Foundation School

The conceptions concerning the subject follow the formularizations of diverse authors, between them: PAROLIN (2005); TIBA (2007), SZYMANSKI (2007) In the first chapter, we will analyze the Constitution, Laws and Statutes that approach the existing joint between the two educational institutions, the family and the school, in what refer to the duty to the education. Although they are different, co-they are made responsible by the guarantee to the education with quality. We analyze in chapter 2 the family and its composition. If you have read about Actress already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The importance to know them first for then searching an approach, a partnership. The importance of the family and the school in the formation of the individual and as the participation of the family in the school can contribute for an education of quality and the success pertaining to school. We will analyze some suggestions supplied in the seminary ' ' The school and famlia' ' , promoted for the Foundation School of Servio Pblico (FESP), of as the parents they can participate. Chapter 3 speaks of the paper of the school in the life of the individual and on the strategies that can be applied so that the school obtains to bring the family for itself. We describe 4 different types of relations that the school can establish with the family, concluding the ideal relation so that the partnership family-school is established and fortified.

1.1 THE LEGISLATION: the right and the duty to the education In this chapter, we will analyze the Constitution, Laws and Statutes that approach the existing joint between the two educational institutions, the family and the school, in what refer to the duty to the education. Although they are different, co-they are made responsible by the guarantee to the education with quality. The Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil (1988) says: The education, right of all to have of the State and the family, will be promoted and stimulated with the contribution of the society, aiming at to the full development of the person, its preparation for the exercise of the citizenship and its qualification for the work.

Sales Innovative

Participation in the Competition of Russian Innovations is a very interesting and quite colorful event. On the Russian Innovation Competition provided a lot of innovative projects that count and delivers great to work pleasure. Segdnya over Russian Innovations Contest Create a business plan for an innovative project. How many have been counted up to the competition for business projects, but this project seemed quite new and interesting. On the essence of our task was to calculate and create a business plan for a new innovative product. The task was to calculate the financial efficiency of the project, how to calculate cost-effectiveness of the project, how do you know the amount of Sales of new innovative project to avoid mistakes in the calculations. But vseravno contestants coped with this problem and made good.

Were assessed risks, risks that may arise when implementation of the innovative project. Was calculated market, a market that is only growing, it will not count how many cars you can sell at that price. As a contestant, I can say that the Progress Report is a good job. Experts were interviewed, by the way thanks to all experts who responded and helped the participants, because without their help, learn about the feasibility of obtaining fullerenes using plasma chemistry I think is impossible, or possible, but in this case it was necessary to perelapatit tons of literature. Participation in the contest in the finals Russian innovation involves speech, preparing a presentation. Tip future contestants Russian innovation to take Competition experts seriously. That is, that you present a presentation to the layman, not laminates, sitting there really good people, and they really want to hear the facts and the description of the technology with presentation, which does not have the technical information you need to go to the investor, but not on the Russian Innovation Competition. On the Russian Innovation Competition you need to know about your product, a cursory examination does not help matters will be difficult, believe me. Of course the competition has not allowed me to attend all two days of competition, but the idea of the competitors, that is, other participants had a good, but took part, taken seriously. Of the projects that I liked the competition, we can distinguish artificial intelligence, I certainly have nothing to do not understand how it all worked, but the process seemed to me interesting, but what I do not understand anything, then there time vsetoki probably nervous, still it is not just a business presentation, there are many unknown facts, which become clear only after an intelligence that is present at the contest in the previous period, and we do did not, and ultimately oiled presentation, but nothing comes to experience the only way

Long Distance Education

Introduction Education in the distance is the process of teach-learning, mediated for technologies, where professors and pupils are separate space and/or secularly. (MORAN, 2002). According to Keys (1999), long-distance Education (EAD), is something sufficiently old. In this basic direction, as we saw, EAD is the education that occurs when the ensinante and aprendente (that one to who if teaches) are separate (in the time or the space). Obviously, so that it can have EAD, exactly in this basic direction, it is necessary that the intervention of some technology occurs. Still according to author, whom he affirms: ‘ ‘ The first technology that allowed the EAD was the writing. The typographical technology, later, extended the EAD reach greatly.

More recently, the technologies of communication and telecommunications, especially in its digital version, had still more extended the reach and the possibilities of EAD. The invention of the writing made possible that people wrote what before only they could say e, thus, allowed the sprouting of the first form of EAD: education for correspondence. The epistles of the New Will (destined the entire communities), that they possess clear didactic character, are clear examples of EAD. Its reach, however, relatively was limited? until they had been transformed into livros.’ ‘ In Brazil, in 10/02/98, then the president of the republic Fernando Enrique Cardoso sanciona the Decree number 2,494, that he regulates Art. 80 of the LDB n 939/96, that says: Art. 1 Education in the distance is a form of education that makes possible the auto-learning, with the mediation of didactic resources systematically organized, presented in different supports of information, used or agreed separately, and propagated for the diverse medias. Only paragraph – the courses given under the education form in the distance will be organized in special regimen, with flexibility of requirements for admission, schedules and duration, without damage, when it will be the case, of the objectives and the settled curricular lines of direction national.