Pour water into it bordered on, put on the car and make sure that fluid does not go to the border. If, however, comes, then this side and to lift. You can also use level. Someone as comfortable Consider the connection of an automatic washing machine to the Communications. Required connect to the backbone of cold water and provide a separate outlet for release of waste water.

The water inlet hose connected to water supply permanently, through the tap for 3 / 4 inches (for reference: 1 inch = 2.54 cm) water inlet hose is going to complete machine, I recommend to change for reinforced. Firstly, this hose is a reliable (if it is, of course, not the production of the East – Asian countries), in – the second one can choose the desired length. In our case we changed the 3 tube until came to the conclusion that you need to buy a good hose. To seal the threaded connections can be applied tape FCMs (from Teflon sealing material). Or, if you're a conservative – to apply the 'grandfather' method – oakum and oil paint (do not hide the fact that this method is reliable). Connecting to the sewer network. In the designs of most models of washing machines is limited to the maximum and minimum height of the exhaust pipe location. For connection to the sewerage system the apartment can be an additional siphon or the end of the exhaust pipe can be mounted on board the sink or bathtub.

We are first and did: put the hose in the bathroom, but a couple of once he jumped – Extra fee of twenty gallons of water from the floor – make sure you connect the drain hose to the sewer. Connecting to the mains. Firms manufacturers to provide the necessary degree of protection for electrical safety. For this purpose, household appliances provide neutral, ie connection zero protective conductor to the housing unit. Vanishing provides complete protection against electrical shock, so it need to perform where it is provided by the manufacturer. Protective earth conductor is always isolation of yellow-green color. The figure shows the wiring diagram for a washing machine outlet. To correct perform zeroing need to reach an additional protective earth conductor. It must be isolated, and its cross section should be like a phase wire. protective earth wire to the neutral bus switchboard. Protective earth conductor along the phase conductors to the installation of washing machine. Strictly prohibited to connect protective earth wire to the open paved gas pipeline networks, as well as systems for water supply, sewerage and heating systems. During the repair or replacement of electrical wiring should be taken into account the need to advance laying the third wire for this purpose there special wire with three strands. For the safe operation of the washing machine electric system should be designed for the current is not less than 15 A. Well, the car finally connected! Before the first wash to get rid of the car on idle (without washing).