Laminated Flooring Construction

Laminate flooring is a very good option for those who prefer an environmentally safe and durable surface, courting that does not require much time and effort. Laminate floors are easy to wash, floors, laminate almost do not scratch, they do not change color over time. Laminate flooring can withstand virtually any load not spoil in case you will need to move even very heavy furniture. Laminate flooring is harmless, perfectly suitable for children's rooms. Laminate is not expensive. Laminate flooring is much cheaper than other floors and at the same quality, but somewhere and has advantages.

Thus, in contrast to the parquet and wood flooring, and less susceptible to scratches. On a wooden surface is easy to leave dents or chips, and laminate floors is quite difficult to spoil. But there is laminate flooring and cons. The main disadvantage of this fragility, and in particular harsh conditions and even less. However, if you care to handle the coating, then life will increase. If the laminate is worn and frayed, it should be replaced, repaired the floors of the laminate can not be so the idea of restoring to be postponed.

Also, laminate flooring is afraid of water, while getting rid of this shortcoming, the work of many technologists, who are already deploying in the production of moisture-resistant laminate. Already now commercially produced laminates with an antistatic coating to such a laminate is not dust sticks and other debris, which greatly facilitates maintenance. For laminate floors are not equipped with such protection available for sale special funds, which after processing the laminate floor as ceases to getting dirty and collect dust. The main valuable feature laminate – it's easy installation, laminate floor can put each. At the moment produced two types of laminate flooring – glue and the Click. One is stuck with glue, and the other is attached by means of interlocks in which the details of laminate flooring is securely latched in connection. The cost of the laminate to the adhesive compound and a lower laminate is less popular than the castle, it will be difficult to remove and reinstall it. Also lock system allows you to use gender as soon as the work is completed, whereas the bonded laminate need time to dry and be ready just a day later. Of course, right to settle in the room will not work anyway, due to the fact that it is necessary to establish more plinth for the floor. Only after it is installed laying laminate flooring can be considered complete. To purchase a quality laminate to pay attention to his class and manufacturer. The higher the class of products, the higher strength and durability. Regarding the manufacturer laminate flooring, it is currently considered the best German laminate, which proved to be strong and durable.