Vocs cannot serve the God and to the money, But who is serving here to the money! We are serving what the money can buy, we are torpifyed with science, the technology After all ours the society of the pleasure, the society of the consumption, the society that creates consuming markets, the society that create products for all the public, the society that makes the religious sincretismo so that it increases the consuming public Of our products Christian catholic or evangelico Christian (he aims at and he turns) On behalf of a bigger market is aconcelhavel That the church catholic forgets ours Appeared Mrs., Changes vocs catholics, because the evangelicos are little frexisiveis, Catholics does not forget Lutero. Ours the society that does not support ' ' they are doutrina' ' creates priests and shepherds and churches for all the sexual gostos and opines, Has pretty, muscular, cheiros priests and vain people Who the women adore and conteplam with much luxury. So that one monge of masmora, stinking, heremita and penitente. We are the society of the social inclusion Therefore we do not have opinions we accept everything and all, We accept the theory of the esteritipos that dignifies everything, We are the society of the conceitualizao that justifies everything Exactly that it is necessary to blunt to the life, Is the society of the thought lines That makes contorcionismos with words to defend our line of reasoning, Exactly that has that to appeal with the thought razo: God can everything. We are the society that a God molded to the capitalism, the consumption and our passions created, is necessary to please to everybody, Therefore we have rap of Christ, forr of Christ, carnival of Christ, Show of Christ, dancinha of Christ and many others cosinhas of Christ, there If God is an idea that we have of God, we create an adequate God To our time, a god without law, a God ours to make use, Leaves pra with this God that punishs and punishes, Needs a God who accepted everything that impatiza with everything.

A God who goes against our taste, also sexual, does not serve For this time of freedoms and pleasures We walk for the abyss, we are to the side of a social collapse and the great one catsfrofe world-wide, we are the society of the badnesses and of the pleasures that all go against all the biological laws and any form of law, we live in Sodoma and Gomorra and still we are with this sentimental idea of GOD This flabby idea as our behaviors, our moral and our laws I want the God of Moises, abrao, isaque and jac Quero a God terribly God, a God of will go and fury I do not want this God of without fexisiveis law or so flabby law and, This pleasant God to all form of perversion Certainly until you thought here that I am atheistic Not, I am not atheistic nor socialist, I am yes is imparcialista and I do not save nor me exactly. This God that I want is the only one that he exists, is enough to look at and to see what he comes close yourself: ' ' the called star absindo' ' my imparcialidade is swims close to it. Today I am the false prophet, tomorrow the false prophet I will be those that spoke of a salvation that did not come. I am the scholar of the mount verb. he does not say that I am desagadvel because I know Salomo Alcantra J.Nunez the imparcialismo