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OLIVEDA in Munich Hotel Bayerischer Hof with OLIVEDA beauty Ambassador Barbara Becker presents the new product design on the 15.10.2013, Bayerischer Hof in Munich solemnly invited the OLIVEDA cosmetics brand, to their first launch party at the five-star hotel. In addition to OLIVEDA founder Thomas Lommel and brand Ambassador Barbara Becker celebrated with 200 invited guests from business, culture, media, and the Munich society. Barbara Becker’s eldest son was responsible for the musical accompaniment of the evening: DJ Knowa alias Noah Becker. New product design reason for the festive occasion was the new design of the OLIVEDA products. All bottles, jars, and donors were given a more modern packaging and a cooler look.

The previous Green has given way to a fine clear white and the labels were consistent, simple and elegant design. The new designs in the Mediterranean-decorated ambience of luxury hotels were presented. A real olive grove of about a hundred-year-old mountain olive tree was rebuilt and received the guests of natural cosmetics with green, faithful place red carpet. Barbara Becker, OLIVEDA brand Ambassador a superbly glamorous occasion to introduce the Ambassador officially to the press. Barbara Becker, who was looking for a new, innovative natural cosmetics for the care of their skin, was alerted by her dermatologist to OLIVEDA. She received so many compliments after the application of friends and was so excited by the bright fresh skin result that she bought then equal 30 products in KDeWe Berlin for themselves. From personal conviction and initiative she contacted OLIVEDA Managing Director Thomas Lommel and suggested a collaboration at a meeting.

For the first time I got spontaneous”want to put my name behind a cult beauty brand, she says. Thomas Lommel hadn’t thought originally that a cooperation with a celebrity, but of course not long to ask. On the garden terrace of the Bavarian court hotels she could present personally their favorite products, which with the elixir of the olive tree as a main ingredient Include an anti-aging effect. This Elixir is the beauty secret of OLIVEDA and Barbara Becker and is extracted from the olive leaf in a unique and highly complex biotechnology process. An innovative characteristic, from which the guests then home personally could convince themselves after receiving the goodie bags. Contact: OLIVEDA Switzerland AG Thomas Lommel Aesche suburb 71, CH-4051 Basel Tel.: + 41 61 225 42 40 E-Mail: General OLIVEDA, headquartered in Switzerland, was founded by Thomas Lommel. The natural cosmetic products are manufactured in pure handwork and based on the fresh juice of the olive leaf according to ancient Klosterrezepturen from the Mediterranean area.