Olympic Winter Games

Hardly somebody never played a game of the Sonic or it never heard to speak of this personage. It is famous world-wide for its games and, later, its livened up drawings. Sonic is a ourio, even so some calls it pig thorn. It is blue and possesss as main characteristic to be very quick. Its objective is to save the other animals of the villain of the game, the Dr. Eggman, also known for Dr.

Robotnik in some adaptations. This villain transforms the captured animals into robots that work as enslaved for it. In history, Sonic is a courageous adventurer of 15 years of age that fights for justice and defends those that they are defenseless. It does not have fear some to face the perigos to help those that they need. Sonic is not nothing modest and likes to show its abilities. An incredible variety of available games of the Sonic for sales also exists and on-line. The majority of the games of the Sonic is of the style platform, and is centered in the fight of the main personage against the villain Dr.

Eggman in the search of so coveted Emeralds Soils. The scenes of the games remember a little a mountain-Russian, therefore loops and falls possess many. As the player goes advancing in the phases, the scenes moves. Generally, they are industrial cities, ruins, plains covered with much gram and places that search the entertainment, as parks. Sonic 2 had the first appearance of the Super Sonic and the estreia of Tails, the fox alarajanda of two tails, partner of the main personage in its adventures. The ilustrador Yuji Uekawa became the personages more ‘ ‘ radicais’ ‘ in Sonic Adventura, it redesigned when them. Sonic gained green thorns, legs and Irises longer. It was from there, also, that Sonic started to be part of the universe 3D.