The Quality

For a while, "Kyusey" and "Baikal EM", apparently coexisted in the same capacity, but the quality of microorganisms significantly decreased. Then I completely switched to using "Baikal EM", after which came disappointment. Tried to prepare a solution using honey – flatulence in plastic bottle was sluggish, in no way resembles a work of em Kyusey which made a solution similar to the bustling champagne. More info: Movie Star. Of materials sent to me, I learned that "Kyusey" and "Baikal-EM" – is not identical to drugs differ from each other, according to my correspondent, as a Soviet car 50-ies of contemporary Japanese car. Power rating of effective micro-organisms is the so-called title – in the drug "Kyusey" 400 million micro-organisms, and "Baikal" – trade secrets, although the research firm Novosibirsk EM-Biotech showed that its title with 10 000 (?). In addition, the Japanese "Kyusee" chain of 84 microorganisms, and "Baikal" – from 27.

But who can guarantee that investigated the "Baikal" firm "Cooperation-EM" pa Shablin, not the solution, which poured in some barn, as is done with so-called counterfeit vodka? Indeed, Russia today – a haven for fakes, counterfeits, substitutes, compromising Without a doubt, the Japanese know how to keep their know-how, not by chance during worldwide centers of em and led. People such as Xiaomi would likely agree. I least like to be involved in a competition among Russian firms working in the field of em technology. But I have experienced on their own experience in this regard and enthusiasm and disappointment. And I would like to acquire and use the most effective means for the electromagnetic technology. No doubt – the same desire and millions of Russians are related to gardening in general and peasant labor.

Plants. Indoor

Modern crop production, takes care of all my best performance of human education. Ecophysiology and biochemistry, spetsmashinostroenie and microelectronics, genetic engineering and biotechnology – that's quite not the entire list of sectors of data, without which today is unrealistic growing plants. Attention given to industrial crop is enormous. In general, it is clear enough – after all it provides, feeding or invests a huge proportion of the population of the globe. That argue for the background of the shining of the Colossus "high" plant, operating freely by millions of acres of field and many millions of tons of goods, recreational and the more indoor plant growing seem unimportant dwarfs. Sure, the first self-contemplation to compare these different scales of concepts is ridiculous and absurd. Shall not, however, excited with the end conclusions. Just think, if there is a lot of apartments, the windows are not worth at least any pots with plants? And yet how much of apartments in our country, in Europe and the world, finally? Statistics, as know, knows everything all the time, and without any hesitation, would be to count the number of "household Color" is definitely accurate, but that's only worth it? There are so obvious that the number of formed nemyslemoe.

Hence, a potted floriculture involved a few dozen, and perhaps many millions of people! This is quite comparable to the number of people employed in the industrial plant. But it's not just in number. It is important that all the flower growers-fans throw plants solely at the behest of the soul. Where is it in us a desire to at least occasionally to touch a real, not made of alloy or plastic and stuffed chips? Does this memory of ancestors rest in today's genes with those distant days when the person-gatherer days, and could not survive without the environment of its set of colors? Or maybe we just got tired of asphalt, cars and other attributes of urban civilization? One way or differently, but a modest indoor crop production is a source of happiness for different people. Is it really tiny for the recognition of the importance and necessity? If you accidentally disappear room plants, our existence is poor, it will be a void, which nothing will fill There is room for another flower, and the educational role and it is very important in that moment when we increasingly talk about the need to develop ecological thinking population. Almost all the kids in a moment, start to get involved in wildlife and hard to dream about his own dog on the aquarium fish or about plants. Some of this effort immediately depart, and sometimes it dictates the choice of future specialty. No, obviously, not all children are agobiologami or naturalist, but the childish impressions are preserved in their life.