Italy Region

Most likely, you first learned about the island of Sardinia recently, but already know that this is the second largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily. You also probably heard that come here from time to time, Vladimir Putin stay in a villa in Silvio Berlusconi, and that the Group of Eight summit in 2009 was scheduled exactly in Sardinia. But most of our fellow citizens are likely to find difficulty with this island on the world map. There is nothing reprehensible. On Sardinia's little in the news, do not mention it in conversation about a vacation, it is not even among the top ten favorite places Russian-speaking population. After a few years ago the island of Sardinia could not be reached directly. He was almost inaccessible to those who love quality vacation, staying island tycoons, stars and politicians. With the opening of direct charter flights from Moscow, Sardinia has become closer to us.

What is Sardinia is today? Sardinia today – a full-fledged EU region with an economy that is formed to a greater extent through tourism and mining. An important role in the economy also plays Sardinia agriculture. Sardinia is famous for producing exceptional cheeses and wines. Tuna from the island of Sardinia is exported around the world. Over the past 20 years, the isolation of the island became less apparent, largely due to promotion of low tariffs for air transportation and advanced information technology. Sardinia was the first region of Italy, have passed new standards for television broadcasting.


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