Electrical Cars

This model has been designed by students of University CEU Herrera Cardinal of Valencia. It is equipped with a hydrogen fuel battery. It thus surpasses in a 40% the record set in 2010, when it crossed 1,802 kilometers. The electrical car with fuel battery of hydrogen designed by students of University CEU Herrera Cardinal of Valencia, has beaten a new record in Germany when surpassing the 2,500 kilometers of route with the fuel equivalent to a liter of gasoline. According to an official notice of the University, IDEA CEU Car has participated in the European competition Shell Echo, that has finalized east Saturday in the German circuit EuroSpeedway de Lausitz. Here, the vehicle has beaten the new record from Spain when crossing 2,534 kilometers with hydrogen equivalent to a liter of gasoline, surpassing in a 40 percent the mark obtained in 2010, that was of 1,802 kilometers. In the electrical motor of IDEA CEU Car, the pressurized, combined hydrogen with the air, it generates the electricity necessary to circulate without no type of polluting emission, since the unique remainder that takes place is water. The students and investigators of Grado and Posgrado de Ingeniera of the CEU-UCH have developed from the year past east system of hydrogen propulsion, to obtain that the vehicle is most efficient possible and crosses the maximum number of kilometers with the minimum power consumption and without no contamination. In October, IDEA CEU Car also gained the Spanish test of ecological vehicles, Lot RACE of Murcia, obtaining the best mark of the 21 participant equipment. The last tests for the completion of the car, previous to Shell Echo 2011, have been realised in the circuit Ricardo Tormo de Cheste, according to the sources, that they have indicated that for their design different aerodynamic testings were realised in the National Institute from Tcnica Aeroespacial (INTA) of Madrid. Source of the news: The electrical car surpasses the 2,500 kilometers with the equivalent to a liter of gasoline