Stoves fireplaces give much of their energy into the room through the hot air and radiation. The cold air passes through the double walls of the furnace hearth, heats up and goes into the room. These devices achieve a particularly high degree of efficiency. Degree of efficiency furnace chimney is determined by its efficiency, and indicates what percentage thermal energy is given to the premises. Degree of efficiency furnace chimney is about 70%, meanwhile, as in fireplaces with open fires majority (70%) of the heat just gets lost. Stoves fireplaces are also equipped with intakes fresh air that allows you to collect the fuel required for combustion air from the basement and other technical facilities. The device of the combustion chamber combustion chamber furnaces, fireplaces “Fireplace” is protected by fireclay plates or sheets of durable vermiculite.

Such protection allows the furnace fireplace made of steel, which makes them lighter than cast iron and brick kilns. Low weight allows the furnace quickly heat and from the first minute to give warmth to the room. In order to stove retains heat as long as possible, its veneer ceramic plates or soapstone. Also developed a system of long-burning, which allows you to slowly burn fuel, and thereby maintain the long process of evolution of heat. Stove, which is equipped with a long burning, at the closed door of the furnace is capable of maintaining high temperature in the furnace up to 10 hours Amenities Furnaces are equipped with metal or glass doors.

If you want to enjoy the live fire fireplace, are the most appropriate model furnaces fireplaces with doors Heat resistant glass. All furnaces firm Fireplace feature roomy ash drawer. Security When you install the furnace-fire should be observed to distances from combustible structures and materials. This distance can vary depending on the furnace model. Before installing the furnace be sure to read the user manual and observe safety requirements. Stoves fireplaces must be installed on the floor of noncombustible materials. Base for the furnace can be completely out of ceramic tile, metal or glass base. Fly zone must be at least 50 cm in front of the stove and at least 20 cm on the sides. Fireplace and chimney must be connected to a chimney only a furnace. Each furnace must have a chimney! Also, Russian construction norms prohibit connecting flue and vents! Installation of the furnace-fire in the finished house fireplace can be installed easily in the final house, which has a chimney. Because of the small weight stove does not require a concrete base and can be installed on wooden floors. In any case, if you want to install stove advise you to consult a specialist.