Windows Smartphone

If this smartphone starts neslazhenno, he does not deserve your attention. Further attention should be paid to the operating system. Here the choice small: or Symbian OS, or OS Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition. Most smartphones running on these two competing operating systems. Both systems are almost identical, except for one difference. According to its Symbian OS interface more close to call, as it was originally designed for mobile devices. It's simple, clear and friendly, and all settings are in sight. OS Windows Mobile is more complicated to set up, because she came from the world of personal computers in the first PDA, and then in smartphones.

So, if you do not want to mess with the settings for a long time, look for Symbian OS. And if you had already used a PDA with the Windows operating system and used to its interface, the Windows Smartphone – your choice. The next part, which should pay attention to this display. With his choice should be guided by what you are going to do with your smartphone. Large display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and neskolkotysyachnym of flowers conveys better graphics and allows for a more comfortable view of WEB-page, but at the same time consumes more power and quicker discharges the battery.

So if you're going to look at photos and often Web page, read books and play in the 3 D-toys, you need just such a display. If it does not interest you, you can choose a smaller display. Device input. Input Device information – the most important detail in the any smartphone, because it is to work with the information it was created. There are three main ways to enter: touch-screen, full QWERTY-keyboard and a small phone you're going to recruit klaviatura.Esli large amounts of text, we recommend choosing a smartphone has a QWERTY-keyboard with large keys and easy. The touch screen does not print a lot, but it is more versatile. With it you can travel on the menu, type text on the virtual keyboard or draw the letters on screen. Sometimes these two ways of entering the information together. Smartphones with an awkward phone keypad is the most compact, that is their advantage. And, perhaps most importantly, do not forget that the smartphone – is, above all, the phone, that is, a means of communication. The unit should be well enough to find and sure to keep the network, even in the unstable reception area and crowded places. GSM Parts of smartphones and regular phones are almost identical, so in terms of communication smartphones chosen based theme the same principles, if you choose regular cell phone. Choose and buy a smartphone in Ukraine you help catalog and price, prices will be displayed on smartphones in several online stores in Ukraine and to choose the most useful for you.