How to attract investment into the construction pit on the stage? Where to find investors willing to invest money in it? This question is one of the most important for developers selling apartments in buildings under construction. And the effectiveness of its solution depends on the success of the project, and sometimes the construction itself. Let’s see, what makes a client to invest? He still does not know anything about your company and all that he has a desire invest in real estate. Do you spend time on explaining the merits of a client of the future house, show him graphics, to lay out a card, read out chunks of text advertising in the hope to break the silent indifference, but in response to sound all new questions. It makes no sense to throw his promotional avenues in the hope that he reads and understands all. In the end, having spent 80% of the time you get a promise ring next week. It is difficult to decide on buy a pig in a poke.

The client wants to see a future home and not try to submit it to the words of the sales staff. The right way to successfully demonstrate a nonexistent house to take advantage of it 3D-Modeling modern technology to accurately reproduce on screen the actual object or its prototype in all its completeness. Apartments for sale in standing homes with 3D-technology is still fairly rare. However, judging by the rapid growth in demand for creation of 3D-video movies, in the near future, it offers interesting perspectives. 3D is an animated presentation story about the future of the house, its infrastructure and merits. Viewed 3 5 minute 3D-video, the client quickly perceive and remember the information because it affects him at the same time through a number of visual (text, graphics, video, animation) and sound. Virtual objects have the quality of real materials, surfaces, and precisely convey the shape, color, texture and lighting. Three-dimensional presentation is ready promotional material for the promotion of investment and construction project, through which the company increase sales in the very early development, attract investment, demonstrating a future project in the sales offices and at major events: exhibitions, seminars and conferences.

Enough to run through sites of investment and construction companies to see all the same features of 3D-technology. They provide a “presence effect” and allow the client to see the office, house, cottage from almost any perspective he has chosen, like the floors, the elevator ride, while receiving full information about planning, infrastructure and location of object of interest. Using 3D, you make that clarity, in which the client needs so much. Should I use the power of advertising, attracting a staff of specialists in advertising, public relations and creative ideas in preparation for the construction of a new investment and construction project, if possible to stop the election on modern technologies of 3D-modeling?