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The article describes the experience of European companies to implement the system BSC Balanced Scorecard (Balanced Scorecard) in Russia is becoming increasingly popular. This is evidenced by numerous publications in the media and new books on the subject, sold out at conferences and seminars on the implementation of BSC, customer growth in the number of consulting companies that implement this technique. Recently in our country have to go and see and foreign "Missionaries" who have extensive experience in implementing the balanced scorecard in Western firms. One of them – Mathias Mengels, managing director of Germany's Balanced Scorecard Collaborative, CEE GmbH – said in an interview with our magazine, which companies to implement BSC and just need some of it is usually there. – Today, The Balanced Scorecard has become increasingly popular. And what is the attitude of European companies? – Among European companies Balanced Score-card (BSC) does not use the less popular, than in Russia.

We have opened offices in Germany, Iceland, Sweden, England and Spain. In an average year, our company sells about 50-80 projects to implement the system Balanced Scorecard for the pharmaceutical, energy, oil and gas industries and the automotive industry. This is mainly large companies and holdings with a complex management structure. Recently, BSC became active participation in government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Using the balanced scorecard technology for non-commercial companies due to their desire to maximize use of limited resources. There is a widespread misconception that the company's strategy is to be expressed in financial terms. The most common strategic goals – increasing the cost of company or profit growth. But we must understand that the strategy is primarily based on the vision of management and owners of the company's mission. Therefore, if the main strategic objective of the organization, including nonprofit or governmental, is formulated as a definite position in the market or in society, the introduction of its balanced scorecard is justified.