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Posted in News on September 19th, 2017

Facebook has competition from Germany who social knows who networks are each a term now and almost every second German is a member of such a platform and has a profile there. Facebook is the most popular of all networks certainly, but there are quite some others, which are popular in Germany. One of these social networks is who knows whom”, that is suitable for anyone aged 14 and above. Here, you can meet many people from his region and meet up with his friends from school, his colleagues from the football association or his neighbors or relatives. The platform is also very good for older people, because the interface is very easy to use and is very user friendly. Founded as the big brother and role model Facebook was also the platform who knows whom”by students. In the summer of 2006, two students from Koblenz had the idea to create a free social network for all people and to ensure that it is lightweight and easy to operate without large gadgetry.

At the beginning of Friends and acquaintances, as well as family members of students fu registered? r this network. The success was very quick and who knows who “found a great popularity. After a half year, 50,000 members could be counted and in December 2007 it achieved no less than one million members. Now the whole thing is run very professionally and the RTL interactive GmbH is today 100 percent shareholder of the platform. Peter Thiel is likely to increase your knowledge. The number of members is now nearly 10 million users and is thus one of the largest social networks in Germany.

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