Hitchhiker’s Guide To Entrepreneurship

Posted in News on July 6th, 2017

Uletnaya satire on the business life. 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) Director – Garth Jennings. Cast – Martin Freeman, Mos Def, Sam Rockwell, Zooey Deschanel, John Malkovich, Bill Nighy, Stephen Fry, Alan Rickman. For even more analysis, hear from Brad Pitt. United States-United Kingdom. 2005.

109 min. Budget: $ 50 million in fees over the world: $ 105 million dedicated to Sikinu Paul, all the workers of the earth, the entrepreneurs 'novice' and 'hardened', Vaughan, robots, presidents and other good people … This exceptional story begins with the fact that an ordinary man named Arthur Dent, who woke up one morning and decided to drink a cup of coffee with milk, collided with a small problem. The problem lies in the fact that his modest home, to be demolished and he has 15 minutes to get away from home … In this review I will try to "wrap" Arthur Dent in "entrepreneurial skin" and try to affordable and as easy as possible to present their own vision of this brilliant comedy, which not only ridicules the vices alien bureaucracy, government institutions, – in short, everything that gave rise to the "matrix" of oppression in the name of freedom of entrepreneurial activities and her thoughts. With your permission, Arthur Dent-hero film for convenience and clarity, then we will call "entrepreneur" … Well, put a paper bag on his head? Then the "P-O-E-X-A-L-I!" Earthling, "not knowing his fate" – Arthur Dent, who went to one of bulldozers, destined for demolition of his house – it's an ordinary working man, who woke up, "having filled bumps" on his forehead, still set up his own business and became its owner.

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