And so I would like to extend possibility at least for self-education, since other forms of education in our society there is almost no (although something already there) with the help of the Internet and my website, which I would like to share with you lessons learned, and express their views and attitudes towards this area. I'm not talking here about some practical things, technique sex. On this subject enough and so the literature. You can even say that all literature is about that. But here's how to use knowledge of this technique to build sexual harmony – this is when it is said, it is quite vague and subscript. Sexual harmony is created at the level of relations, not technology. Appropriate attitude toward sex may well compensate for the absence of some knowledge about sex. If you have a trusting relationship with your spouse, you do not need to learn the features of male psychology, as the husband himself will tell you what excites him, that he Like, are you happy to go to meet all his desires, just as he was to meet your needs.

But this in real life almost never happens, because we have a society formed by the notion of some kind of right and the wrong sex, the fact that sex can be some distortion. How much can there be trust when it is possible to deviate from the correct line? Therefore, for those wishing to build sexual harmony will require a large work to clean up these Augean stables, created by our society. Although it depends from person to person – what is for him a particular work – heavy duty or interesting and creative task. It was only the second approach can lead to positive results. We also manage to turn even sex in the tedious and unpleasant work.

And while blaming your partner if you do not get satisfaction from this sex. And he, in turn, dumps all on you. And so the first thing to come out of this vicious circle of mutual accusations and claims. And if anyone is to blame, it is our "civilized" society. And it is better not to look extreme, but to start thinking about how to turn their sex life into a source of joy and delight. And it's real!