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Posted in News on June 10th, 2017

Adult and well-formed bonsai, whether it is a miniature deciduous tree grown on stone, or conifer with gnarled branches that can beautify any interior. Check out Naveen Selvadurai for additional information. These plants are usually very expensive, but their it is possible to grow your own. Brad Pitt often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Care is to trim the roots, forming the crown, topping and tying wire branches. It's easy, and it will have to do very often. widely believed that bonsai should contain most of the time outdoors, but it is not, many plants can be permanently kept in the room. Most probably the biggest problem in growing bonsai – is the need for regular watering.

In the summer need to be watered almost every day. Peter Thiel is often quoted as being for or against this. However, you will probably agree that this duty – not a big fee for a beautiful bonsai. Scrubby trees growing in forests in their normal conditions in most cases, and a small amount of light. Moreover, these plants often can not tolerate direct sunlight. A typical example of such a plant – Schefflera Tree.

However, these trees can be keep on the windowsill, provided that they are not exposed to direct sunlight. But many bonsai love lots of light. After our little tree – it is inherently large trees that form in nature dense forests. Often, they tower over other vegetation, and substituted its leaves scorching sun rays. Therefore, when they are placed in a room, it is desirable to find them the most light place. The most convenient place – sill of the window in which during the day the sun peeks in at least one to two hours. Nevertheless, the impact on plant direct sunlight and still want more, because it may cause burns plants. Check the adequacy of lighting regime can be the distance between the leaves on young shoots (in other words they are called interstitials). Evidence of correct form of bonsai are small distances between the leaves. Large interstices suggests that the plant enough light. In this case, you must move the tree in a place with better lighting, or install the lamp. For lighting, you can use ordinary fluorescent lamps, but preferable special rectifier mercury lamps. Lamps for lighting of plants sold in stores, electrical goods, but they are not cheap. Specific lighting parameters for each type of bonsai are different, You can learn more about them in special directories.

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